Take out the simple down scoped view with this new modeled Sniper Rifle based on the Hunt Menu's image for both Carnivores 2 and Carnivores Ice Age. By Zani Divine (That1Cactus)

Carnivores 2/Ice Age - Sniper Rifle

Wow this is really good! 😺

It would be awesome if you remade/modified some of the other vanilla Carnivores Weapons, unless by some chance you've done some already lol.

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It seemed that the model was a bit messed up when zoomed in. It shows 2 crosshairs, 1 in the middle and another one on the top. Any idea how to fix that?

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That1Cactus Author

Are you using the patches/mods linked that are highly recommended for it to work, and did you replace the old _RES stats with the required working ones said in the "IMPORTANT README.txt"?

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