Graeme Cook's First battle of Bull Run/Manassas 1861··· There are 3 scenarios. One is to play as the CSA with difficulty set accordingly and randomization lines with a USA advantage, another similar but to play as the USA and a 3rd with no difficulty levels, variant setups or arrivals and randomization lines with no advantage.··· Choose historical on the options screen if you wish to ensure a programed scenario.··· INSTALLATION··· Copy the Gettysburg folder and rename it. Unzip into the renamed folder with "Use Folder Names" and "Overwrite existing files" checked. Say yes if asked to overwrite any read only files.··· Optional but recommended for purpose of clearer overview: Delete all the "getty" text files except; geTTy00 geTTy02 geTTy23··· Note: If your operating system is using the default of "hide common extensions" you will not see ".exe" etc.··· Make a shortcut on the desktop by right clicking on lee.exe, "send to" then "Desktop (create shortcut)".

Bull Run 1861
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