This is a WeiDU mod that restores the 'classic' movies from the original Baldur's Gate and select movies from Baldur's Gate II to Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. The classic movies have been resized to the same dimensions as the new BG:EE movies (1280x720, 852x480, and 512x288) while maintaining their aspect ratios. It also re-enables the Beregost movie when you first travel to the area and restores a movie to the Elfsong Tavern that was cut from the original game. This mod was developed for Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition v1.3+ and will be considered a beta version as long as BG:EE is being updated. Use at your own risk! Questions, comments, suggestions, and bug reports are of course welcome. The restored movies include: Beregost Black Isle Logo Entering Baldur's Gate BG Sunrise BG Sunset The Temple of Bhaal BioWare Logo BioWare and IE Logos BioWare Dragon Logo Bandit Camp Inside Candlekeep Credits Sunset movie Death The Dungeon Entering Durlag's Tower The Undercity End Credits

BG:EE Classic Movies
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