This is an "Clear out an Office Building" type Alienswarm Map and no it doesnt have anything to do with Dr. Evil or any Austin Power movie - its just an evil corporation :p Uploading it here now because apparently Swarm Armory went down sometime and i just now noticed. Not sure if anyone still cares about this game but i put considerable effort into this and ill not let it vanish into the ether just like that. Install instructions are included and everything should work but please understand that i wont be able to provide any type of "tech support" after all this time. I remember people having some trouble being able to continue because they missed an elevator button. Its at the elevator next to the burning staircase, but its rather tiny because realism Xd Hope youll enjoy this incase you download and play.

(AS) Evilcorp

Nice map, thanks! I liked your objectives' images :)
But why didn't you pack it into VPK file?
- There is no download url. People will not be able to download your map when they see a server in public games' list
- There are no markers on minimap
- The minimap is shifted
- Infinite spawns make it pretty challenging. Some players don't like infinite spawns

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Somenamelalala Author

Thanks for playing :)

1) About vpk : Mentioned it in the readme but forgot it here - Its not an vpk because packing it broke it for some reason
2) Dl url, Markers, Shifted Map : Gotta confess i considered that low priority back then (prolly wasnt able to do it right too, oops)
3) Spawns : Its not a very big map, the challenge from the infinite spawns was supposed to give it some staying power

Map is gonna be in a Map-pack (got contacted just now and gave permission to use it) so the vpk and url will be fixed i assume. Cant do it myself anymore, havent mapped in a long time :d

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Yeah, putting map in VPK crashes the game. I made a quick research and found out that the reason of crash is some models(not sure which). If you don't put models into VPK file there is no crash. VPK files override default game files, you probably have overridden some of default game models.
You can find out which model causes crash by putting only some models in VPK. I found that 2 first models folders: props_c17 and props_don'tremember cause this crash. It's up to you to find the exact model name and exclude it from VPK.

Also you linked your addon to a mod Alien Swarm SP which is a bit incorrect, because it's an Alien Swarm addon

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map seens good, but vpk file recommended

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