WARNING: Contains childish material. If you are offended by landscape shaped like buttocks, this map is not for you. Following the dramatic popularity of the El Rahji Pass map (downloads into double figures!) I proudly present another map worthy of a five-year-old. WiC MP Assault map, 12,000 points, uncomplicated design. 6 sets of command points, works with bots (no pun intended) but not tested with any mods. BE AWARE: as_Ass contains landscape contoured like . . . . an ass. This is not "big" or clever, and is not worth much more than a quick laugh, but the map works just fine. Enjoy. Unzip to your ...My documents\World in Conflict\downloaded\maps directory.



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ChrisAndKim Author

But does it suck . . . ***? I'm not sure what you're expecting with a mod description like the one above. Unless you consider this to be below the standard of a 5-year-old, which in itself is a testament to the state of inebriation required to conceive a map such as this.

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