altered states is a large addon for the game adds many ships solar systems,and equipment to the game.

altered states
pharoah Author
pharoah - - 1 comments

you can visit the mods official site here

http: //lancerquestforum dot

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Axxif - - 403 comments

I just tried but it said it couldn't find the server

Any suggestions?

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Galacticruler - - 1,053 comments

try using . instead of dot

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DomiOfficer345 - - 2 comments

It worked for me

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DomiOfficer345 - - 2 comments

Hey man, no video?

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lolfr - - 686 comments

i cant get it to work i double click the icon and the screen goes black then it puts me back to the desktop with a send error report screen someone tell me
whats going on i put the files in the mod folder for the mod manager!

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

im playing SP campaign,, and my original FL client 1.0 has changed into 1.38 after i mods to this altered states 138.
but why my trainer doesn't function in this version???
anybody know it?? and have the trainer for this client??

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em_zeon - - 3 comments

Hello Freelancer Developer, I just want to notify you that the mod (Altered States) seems to be crashing after taking random mission from the bar or before the Single Player missions starts. By the way, my Freelancer version is 1.0. Are there anything you can do to change the problem? I seem to like your modifications and ideas. Thanks!

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Sn0w181 - - 2 comments

@em_zeon; I'm not sure who uploaded this mod but I can tell you I'm not familiar with anyone on that mod team named pharaoh,and I should know being as I am one of the creators of the altered states. In fact until about a month ago this mod dead except on a private server and as a hobby when I'm bored. Also the website he says is the homepage of the mod is not the official page add in the fact that the only reason I'm on these boards is because a player stumbled across the mod being hosted here says this isn't a full version of the mod.

However if you are interested in actually playing it please contact me and I'll gladly point you in the right direction.

Also you should be aware that this is a multiplayer mod and single-player is not really supported or even advised with it operating as there are some ships modified to do things they absolutely shouldn't

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Sn0w181 - - 2 comments

edit: I was wrong and he did get the webpage correct mostly.
Although I notice he says Spartan is the creator but in reality it was Shadowstorme who took sick and gave it to him to continue with.

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ocephtius - - 2 comments

Always crash whenever run to a mission and meet Juni in Manhattan... please check

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