So here we get to first meet the undead (scary living creatures, known as "Floods"). Covenants went in to see for them selves of what mystery awaits for them, they regret going in small units (Grunts & Jakals), only did they know that they made a huge mistake (especially in the swarms). So they gave it another go, bringing in stronger units & more friends with them. However, some marines has survived where they first got struck, take care of them Chief. At the last scene, covenants decides to team up with the Humans and defeat the Flood as they matter nothing to them (Humans & Covenants). I have made this map of 6-12 hours of modification to make this SP map a real time challenging. Couple of extra AIs, modified marines, modified human & covenant particles. I've decided to make the covenants fight by your side at the last scene cause who knows what awaits for us.

343 Guilty Spark - Insane Challenge
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