This is one of the various multiplayer maps I have made over the years, 034 Ion Forest. Huge storms randomly occur around the center of the map, darkening the environment, knocking out radar, and killing anything unlucky enough to get caught in its arrival. Players must time out their attacks to successfully move across the battlefield. However, resourceful players can make even more effective assaults if they know how to move safely during the storms. Each faction has a way of avoiding the storms; it's just a simple matter of finding it. Also, superweapons are disabled, so you'll have to rely heavily on your soldiers in well-timed attacks in order to achieve victory. Known Bugs: The storms will not disable the radar in Tiberium Essence, due to some scripting technicalities. If you find any bugs/problems, or have any feedback that you'd like to give, I'd appreciate it! Thanks.

034 Ion Forest

This scenario is an nice idea, I like it! However, does this map support the TE 0.6 version regarding the new tech buildings like the tacitus archive?

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Map is good, but it is devoid of any neutral stuff,
player should be told about script denying superweapon to everyone.
When ion storms strike, not even MKII can be navigated safely through it.
Theres many types of Ion storms, why to create 200 of small ones only?
Dont know how you want to avoid the storms, when all of them strikes at one time.
Would be cool if all of them would hit randomly between 10-300 seconds, for example.
Theres still paradox of Scrin planes being both healed,buffed and damaged by ion storms.

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l00t_pursu1t Author

Hey thanks for the comments guys. About the lack of neutral structures, I was mainly just going for a meadow/forest map, rather than having any sort of buildings on the map. I do plan on making a semi-urban map that mixes forest with urban stuff before long, though. I apologize for not saying anything about the superweapons being disabled; I'll go ahead and edit the description. Regarding the ion storms, I agree that they are indeed a bit frustrating, especially when playing as GDI. I wish I knew how to make the storms occur in a manner that is less overpowered and more appealing to look at, such as the storms that are featured on the map Unfriendly Skies. Unfortunately, my knowledge on storm-scripting is limited. That is indeed a good idea about having the storms randomly hit between every 10-300 seconds, Oaks. I'm currently moving my stuff over to a newer, stronger computer, so as soon as that's done I'll see what I can do!

Lastly, each faction can avoid the storms by using their unique abilities. Nod has stealth(which oddly enough, grants them safe passage) and the ability to tunnel underground, giving them the largest advantage on this map. The Scrin can use wormholes and the ability to have their units teleport across the battlefield, and GDI has the stratofighter capabilities, which sadly isn't quite useful enough to give them much of an advantage.

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