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This Step-by-step guide will teach you how do you play on WON2 Network .

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NeuWON :

The NeuWON Network is up, and it already supports a number of Great games, Including the ones that WON2 doesn't support, with even more features and improvements, get it here and let the fun begin, download the patch corresponding to your game and Have fun.

WON2 :

If you got any server browsing issues/problems try This .

1) Install Half-Life or Counter-Strike Retail or any supported GoldSrc "WON" game from CD.

Examples of compatible Half-Life retail editions include "Half-Life (Game of the Year Edition)", "Half-Life Generation" and "Half-Life Best Seller Series", all distributed and published by Sierra Entertainment. Counter-Strike has been released as a stand-alone version, known as "Counter-Strike Retail", and is also included in the "Half-Life Generation" package. If you can't find your original disc, try buying one on Amazon or eBay.

If you installed :

2) Half-Life: Download and install the Half-Life Full update (hl1110.exe).
Counter-Strike Retail: Download and install the CS Retail update (cs1005.exe). This update also includes Counter-Strike 1.5.
Gunman chronicles & Other games : Skip to step 4 .

3) Half-Life: Download and install the CS 1.5 full MOD package. (csv15full.exe).
Gunman chronicles & Other games: Skip to next step.

4) Half-life,Counter-Strike and Gunman chronicles Consider installing the Half-Life Retail Update *
Other games apply WON2 Listing Patch

5) Half-Life,Counter-Strike and Gunman chronicles No additional steps required.
(Optional) Other games Download and extract this to your game folder

At this point you can safely install your favorite mods, or start using WON2 Services like WON2 Server Mod
Your done !

Mirror links : (If you got more, Send 'em on comments section below)


All the link are dead... and can you make a Pak please ? It Will be easier !

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lost_acs Author

Links updated .

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which build does this version has or is there any patch to latest version of cs 1.5 sory for bad english

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lost_acs Author

Hi there, The instructions are crystal clear, just follow them and you're done, no additional patches needed, the only patches you need are the ones mentioned .

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