Post tutorial RSS Where the Ryelow Deathmatch maps uncompiled are and how to make maps for Ryelow Deathmatch

This guide will show you where exactly the uncompiled maps are and how to compile a map for Ryelow Deathmatch.

Posted by on - Basic Mapping/Technical

  1. Go to your ryelow folder in Half-Life 1.
  2. Look for hammer_rmf/, devtools/, and ryelow.WAD. These files are required.
  3. Add ryelow.WAD as a WAD file in your level editor of choice, all the maps uncompiled are in hammer_rmf/, and the fgd file for Ryelow Deathmatch is in devtools/ named gam.fgd. The maps of course should output to ryelow/maps.

gam.fgd hammer_rmf ryelow.WAD

Congrats, you are done.

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