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warcraft III reborn in warband 1.941(only for primary demo) Originally this pure version of Warcraft script wanted to wait for the final version to be released, but recently there are some things, to avoid long nights and dreams, like me, a few seconds ctrl +s to save and backup things, or leave a demo backup here. Later this year is expected to be a formal plot version.

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---------------------------------below is new added summary edited at 23.10.04----------------------------------------

Below URL is the latest demo version 1.974

Be Noticed!!!Pls download the key control guide xls file from the URL below

the simple introduction:

The Mount&blade Warcraft MOD is a combination of Warband's first three-person RPG action game and the Warcraft Red Alert RTS operation mode of a Warcraft-based Mount&blade Warband mod.
The protagonist of the riding Warcraft module will be in the human, beast, night elf, undead four races, each race provides three initial heroes to choose from, players need to play more other heroes need to install additional character expansion patches to obtain.
First, the hero situation has the following common Settings
1. The default player chooses the first hero of the Orcs, Kensei.
2. Attributes
All heroes currently have the same naked stats, and attack is determined by the combined coefficient of strength and agility, while intelligence provides a bonus to skill damage (but skills that enjoy a bonus to attack do not receive a bonus to intelligence), armor provides damage reduction and is calculated based on agility.
The data of each attribute can be seen from the five data on the right side of the hud of the hero's head in the battle interface.
In fact, the attack is floating, does not follow the panel attack, generally in the panel attack based on the probability of floating (-10) %-20%, so for heroes with critical strikes, a high floating value will bring higher returns.
3. Key setting
Each time you enter the battlefield, you default to the first person, press T to switch the first/third person, press N to switch the first third person /RTS 1 person, and press M to switch the RTS1 /RTS2 person.
Note: RTS1 is similar to League of Legends where the player controls the hero as the center of the lower corner of the screen but cannot move the screen range, while RTS2 is similar to Red Alert which can move the screen range and does not use a certain unit as the lens reference point.
4. Attack conditions
The first/third person uses the left mouse button to attack, and the difference is that the left mouse button will not let go of the automatic attack.
RTS1 /RTS2 is triggered when you press LEFT-CTRL and get close to an enemy in melee combat.
The remote hero launches the remote attack by the LEFT-CTRL key in all people, and does not let go, but only when the first person presses the right mouse button +LEFT-CTRL key, the launch direction will follow the Angle of view, otherwise only flat fire the remote attack.
5. Move and skill buttons
For the first/third person, W moves forward with the mouse moving around, or press the right mouse button to turn, and AD is to turn around and add a bit of lateral displacement, at this time QSER is the first to the fourth skill key.
RTS1 person /RTS2 person moves by clicking the right mouse button on the ground, and QWER is the first to fourth skill key.
Keypad 1-8 corresponds to the equipment bar on the right side of the HUD battle interface with 8 active skill keys of equipment items, which are weapons 1-4, head, body, shoes, and rings.

more information pls read the Xls guide and the mod page website articles

-----------------------------------------below is old summary before 23.10.04----------------------------------------

Originally this pure version of Warcraft script wanted to wait for the final version of the release, but recently there are some things, to avoid the night long dream, like me, a few seconds ctrl +s to save and backup things obsessive-compulsive, or leave a demo backup here (continuous change). Later this year is expected to be a formal plot version.

Although I am good at the implementation of specific functional framework such as code model animation, and rely only on myself, without synthesizing the advantages of 100 things in the circle, the specific gameplay and setting are very difficult. For example, I have a headache about how many attributes of each class should be balanced, so I just want to have a value for each attribute. Various seed mods that change class data on mature mods are also popular from the amount of regeneration, pure new mods are easy to be unreasonable in terms of setting and can only taste fresh. So if there is any hope of riding hack to restore a Warcraft dream, a Warcraft IV, can give your suggestions. Don't say xxx functions, functions are easy to achieve, mainly you think what things are more reasonable to play.

The following is the demo web disk link return visible

The hidden content of this post


Extraction code: 7456

-- from Baidu net disk super member V4 to share

Key operation reference before closing a series of warcraft vs red alert version ( or instruction within the mod folder TXT instructions, The character patch instructions are invalid for this demo.

Player characters with full current skills: Blademaster, hate, Carl, the other characters only live-fire action has no effect, pay attention to the equipment a rod can active skills/knife switch warcraft tower two templates, equipped with a soul to extract using active skills can wear each other batman control batman, mixing equipment transformers summoned card using active skills can change to transformers, the three interesting system of equipment is forcibly. Note that the first preliminary offers four RACES every three initial hero a total of 12 hero can choose, but consider the animation file compare assembly of resources and also use less than at any time to cut a hero, so in large map camp into the lower right corner of the interface through the selection of the upper right corner of the culture and the arrows to select the current use of players hero, if you can't see the model preview, If this hero is temporarily shielded from the default version, you need to switch to the hero with model and then exit the interface to use the player hero. However, when you open the mod folder, there will be instructions IN the instruction folder to tell you that module. in enables the shielded hero. Note that the number of heroes installed should not exceed 6, that is, half the number of the original 12 heroes, otherwise it is easy to fight several battles memory overflow out

Other adjustments that differ from the previous stitched version:

0. Adjust the first two modes, the first script is Warcraft, the second script is Red Alarm, no more mixing sides between the two, no more stitching Warcraft Red Alarm into a script (the big map strategy menu, which is like a pillar icon, this is moved to Red Alarm mode).

1. The 4 hero skills and 8 item skills modded before are just like the wtf mode, now the cd interval is extended. The demo does not edit the cd length according to the actual game, but gives a reasonable random cd length to different skills first.

2. Reworked all the animations for vehicles and flying units (now every vehicle flying unit has wait, move, attack, die in the original action style of the Warcraft remake).

3. The default player is Kensei, select the race from the culture in the upper right corner of the camp and select different heroes of the same race from the arrow in the lower right corner. At present, only Kensei Mavi Butcher has installed all skills, while other heroes only have installed the corresponding casting action and skill button, and can only be used for general attack.

4. For testing purposes, the player is guaranteed to maintain 1000 orc troops in the demo by default and always be friendly to Orcs.

5. The special gameplay map of camping and Red Alarm and Doom should be used to use the action model of Counter-strike. In order to stabilize the system, the default blocking is required. in module. load mod resource=ranoanimhero_cshand(no animated cd) and load mod resource=raanimhero_cshand(animated cd), Swap the previous "#" to re-use the cs gun animation (1.920demo resets the animated version of the model as the default, so ignore this).

6. The console command function is added. In the original stitched version, for the convenience of testing skills, each countdown interval of cd is very short, and the 30 countdown is actually only 1 second. Now, after recovering cd, to facilitate testing, press the ~ key (not +ctrl) to open the console, place the mouse in the input box of the console, press the left button of the mouse and let go for one second. Then input the two instructions WTF or whosyourdaddy, you should know what the meaning is after playing the tower, other instructions have not been added for the time being, wtf mainly cancelling the interval of cd unit time (that is, every 1 second becomes a few microseconds, you can vaguely see the cd countdown effect) and the blue blue will automatically return to full after consumption. You can close the console by typing a letter KEY or pressing ~ or clicking on the input box after typing wrong or correct instructions.

7. Due to the limitation of blue amount and the adjustment of item skill brought by cd, at present, blood essence stone (helmet position, generally press keypad 7 after equipment) can turn the same proportion of health into blue amount, but ensure that the health amount is more than 50%. Then, the ring-like items (generally the position of gloves) initially given to equipment are recovery equipment. Different from Warcraft (because the initial skill development is not divided into templates, active skill template), according to the item in the combat ui position by pressing the small keyboard number keys to actively trigger a period of time maintained health or magic recovery speed bonus. Note that the Transformers item card is not disabled, you can still use Transformers in any script. And then to impose on you notice a knife tower halim rod gods, battlefield active items skills to use it, makes it possible for warcraft hero in his own knife tower corresponding image of the hero knife skills, or just the blademaster, of course, the butcher live-fire effect (maiev dota phantom spines or didn't change the original skills), other heroes HUD transformation only action of spells and skills.

8. The Red Alarm building system on the right side of the combat ui has been removed, but the red Alarm mode can still be used. The original setting was that the units selected in the real-time strategy box could not be framed to the existing icon.

9. Other: Added a small pawn unit, adjusted the icon of the big map, and adjusted some ballistics. For example, the undead vehicle used to use the ballistics of the night Crossbow, now changed to shi body ballistics.

10. 1.920demo added a soul extractive item, equipped with the head, the system will send, close to the enemy to use the item active skill (the active skill of the head item is the keypad 5), can control the enemy minions, mainly to provide players with a chance to allow the use of the battle group action hacking system.

11. 1.930demo has modified some mechanisms of the item Transformers call card. The Transformers are still r transformed and the left alt key is restored, but now the three qwe skills are defined as three kinds of continuous missiles with different powers, namely continuous bullet, continuous small missile and continuous large missile. Blue cost in Red Alarm mode but wtf cd mode. And fixed an issue where you could not get off the Transformers after changing the hero culture.

12. 1.930demo made a simple Karl/Blood skills, including Warcraft and knife tower, some skills currently have no unified arrangement of directional skill classification, temporary castration effect such as two skills only prevent their general attack but improve skill damage. Taotakal needs to cut 10 random skills through the arrangement and combination of 3 ball skills. However, unlike dota, it needs to press the first 3 ball skills at random twice for each skill cut, and then press 3 ball skills to arrange and combine normally. It may be a group of 3 to judge the bug and then adjust it. The two additional skills summoned by the dota skill template need to be released by pressing H and J, respectively. Currently, the two additional skills do not support the ability to be released by clicking the mouse icon like the qwer base skills.

Emphasis on reminding the old version of suture before the retention function of some different warband easy to not adapt to and ignore the operation of attention points:

1.q key in the system to change the key reserved for a skill, the original is to open the taskbar.

2. Enter the battlefield is the first person by default, please press T to switch one three person, N is the real-time strategy mode open and close (Warcraft red alarm box select operation minions), M is the real-time strategy whether to choose to take the player as the visual center mode switch. In real-time strategy mode, you must attack with left ctrl and keep enemies in front of you. Scene no enemy no matter which mode does not trigger the hero player's attack action, this is set. 3. New attack mode in the third person may turn you don't know how to turn, either by a or d is turn lateral (or w to cooperate with the main mobile, s as an RTS mode 2 skills buttons), stand state to press the right mouse button with the mouse moving Angle turned (similar to the chapter of attack defense button your mouse body will turn)

4. Because the reworked dialogue interface is not fully completed (people facing non-combat scenes do not have a prompt, press f to talk), other people except outside the arena are fixed answers, so the functions included in the original War group dialogue function are also blocked, so if you want to restore the War group dialogue function, Please open the camp jump interface and go to the lower left corner of the interface to find the square Settings consistent with the button in the second row and the second column. Do you want to use the new dialog system? Pull it to another option, then you can return to the Warband mode and continue to use the Warband dialogue mode.

5. Please adjust the hdr to low, because the specular normal map has not been processed yet, the model will glow easily in the noon and dusk hours of the scene.

6. There is no cooking side, because the interface will be remade later, there is no need to add things on the menu of entering the city and village. 7. With the exception of Maiev, the Sword Saint Butcher, the other heroes have only universal attack and action

8. Note that the pull option above the Start big map game button on the left side of the camp jump screen is the Warcraft RPG map mode. You can select Angry Birds, Red Alert, cs, Minecraft, etc. Only things played in this map mode do not affect the additional map gameplay of the sandbox.

Hero 9.1.930 version will first 12 castrated, for system stability, so 1.930 demo demo only with the orcs three heroes, undead a ronny turiaf and Terran Carl, so when camping in the interface to select the hero can't see the hero model don't choose, choose to see hero model animation preview of the hero and then exit the camp to use him, To use heroes with masked models, follow the instruction folder instructions IN my mod folder to change module. in to call models and character animations. this post have developed video log and some pictures

759523711 group has a new one, originally I had several groups, but the management is lax not how to manage, the robot what let the group members play, chat content can be anything, too noisy behind may also be cold in the group assistant. The new group asks for NERf and Warcraft fans to enter, don't talk a lot about NERf and Warcraft, or be quiet. Anyway, I did not test the statement, when Baidu cloud to group backup data and demo

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - to record the effect of the heroes and items (current) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------


Kensei Skill (Warcraft) :

q: High Wind Walk: Start no casting action, shadow body in the state, the attack will produce jump chop (does not require to attack the enemy, air chop is also ok, but if air chop triggers passive critical strike, the shadow body will not be cancelled), break shadow jump chop and critical strike will do the same damage, and produce long-range sword gas, cd current demo uses the random mode in the approach, the maximum time is 8 seconds. - You can use Blade Storm after using this ability, but it will run out of blue instantly.

w: Mirror: Only two mirror units can be generated, which can be selected in the rts mode box. There may be a bug in the image selection box of non-combat scene. The mirror inherits the attack action of the ontology, cd currently demo adopts the random mode of entering the game, the maximum time is 8 seconds, the same note - can not be used in the arena

E: crit: double damage and produce remote shock wave (version 1.935 can not after, but equipment eagle arch equipment can make melee attack hero always has a firm but gentle as a remote hero), which is can be a ranged attack, 20% probability of passive, but you can use blue active use, CD demo currently used in random pattern, highest do not exceed 8 seconds, with yu

r: Blade Storm: Rotate the body on the surrounding community damage (damage interval in seconds), 50% damage every time, available for vehicles (tanks at present is to rely on durability, battlefield is a period of time will destroy, generally > > > can't damage the solid collision, so the hero group damage), CD the demo using the model in random, highest do not exceed 30 seconds, with yu

Kensei Skill (Sword Tower) :

q: Blade Storm: Same effect as Warcraft, but with half the initial damage and growth, but with 50% more movement speed (damage interval per second)

w: Healer Guard: Quickly regenerates health from a 1200 radius centered around the guard. The guard follows the hero

e: Critical Strike: : Same as the Warcraft skill

r: Invincible chop: move between groups of units in front of high speed interspersed chop, a single unit can continuously chop several times, the process of invincibility, that is, no damage to health. Cast request, facing 900 range must have enemy.

Damage mechanism - Attack damage is composed of inherited damage from the attack force with a damage interval of half a second and mixed with the player's attack damage (attack speed multiplied by 5), that is, the latter damage is composed of inheritance effect, because the current damage judgment is easy to cut people in 3d displacement random chop, so it provides players with two kinds of damage mixed.

Carl - Blood Spells (Warcraft) :

q: Summon a firestorm ahead with persistent damage

w: You can't attack but your damage is doubled

e: Improved recovery magic

r: Summon one phoenix at a time. The maximum number of phoenixes alive at any one time is 4.

Carl - Summoner (Carl) :

Q: basketball

W: the purple ball

E: yellow ball

R: qwe permutation and combination by 3 times by r summon additional skills, a total of 10 additional skills, pay attention to the bug and knife tower distinction, summoned a skill to literally press 2 times the ball clear records according to the permutation and combination of the three times after the ball skills to press r summons, is your best every time by 5 times the ball, but skill depends on the last three times, If A and B skills already exist, and A is summoned first and then B, the slots of A and B can be changed by summoning A again. However, if A is summoned after A, that is, the same skill is summoned repeatedly and continuously, the two extra slots will be emptied.

H: Additional summoned first abilities include Shadow Body, Acceleration, Special Attack, Meteorite, Push Wave, Magnetic Storm, Skyfire, Ice Wall, Burning Man, Blow, etc

J: An additional summoned secondary ability

Hate Skills (Warcraft) :

Only the 24-4 skills have the same effect as the model butcher below

The Butcher (Knife Tower) :

q: Hooks: Fire hooks with chain animation to hook distant enemies to your side without causing damage (balance, since all skills in front of you inherit the player's attack percentage). Note that cutting first person hooks by T allows you to shoot them from the Angle of view, while third person and real-time strategy hooks are only horizontal.

w: Rot: Actively cast a spell to turn on and off a switch ability that burns nearby groups (damage interval per second).

e: Increases your size as if you were a god, increases your attack speed but decreases it (damage depends on your size but does not exceed 2.5x, which means your damage fluctuates when you use a skill), and cannot use hooks

r: A quick bite of the shi body on the foot, a lot of blood back.

Maiev (Warcraft) :

- q: Launch several flying knives horizontally in front of you (prepare ballistic pointing and tracking attack in the back, just like the knife tower, the long range in front of you is horizontal, so it is difficult to hit high slopes and low slopes, flat land)

w: Glide forward at high speed, inflicting attack damage on units in the path. (This is also not in line with Warcraft, the magic has been changed, actually like the Void Mask 1 skill of Knife Tower 2)

e: Whirlwind of knife array: it shoots the flying knife around and shoots flat, so it is difficult to hit people on high and low slopes. It can be cooperated with w, because w is not a teleportation but a gliding, which can expand the range of launching points of the flying knife part.

r: Summon avenging spirit two, also does not conform to the Warcraft, the main is not dealt with avenging god

Real item skills (Use active skills for keypad 1-8 number keys according to the item display icon in the bottom right corner of the combat UI from bottom to top left to right)

Necronomer (book-like thing) : Active ability that summons two Necronomers


Magic Wand (A crutch-like item) : Active Skills: Add health and magic

Electric Hammer: Active Ability: Generates a lightning shield on its own, causing the attacker to be struck by lightning when attacked

Siva Guardian (Blue Cape) : Active Ability: Bestows frost armor around us, reducing damage

Breastplate (Blue) : Active Ability: Grants armor to nearby foes, reducing their armor

Stun: Active: Deal blow and damage to enemies in front of you

Transformers Card: Active Skills: Transform into 9 different Transformers, three of which are planes that can fly, r transform into a combat aircraft form, alt on the left hand side to restore the Mecha form. Press left ctrl to release the gun, and then press the item to release the Transformer. The first use of the Transformer is to summon anywhere, but the second use of the transformer must be close to the first spawn of the Transformer,

To flash forward for a distance:

1.920demo added new items for soul extraction, equip the head, the system will send and in the demo stage this special item will ensure that you have at least one not afraid of losing the battle, close to the enemy use the item active skill (the active skill of the head item is the small keyboard 5), can control the enemy minions, This gives players a chance to use the Warband Action hack system. If not used to my new motor control system, might as well take a the equipment on the helmet items grid, then close to the face want to control the flight of mechanical creatures, small keyboard five, can become each other, which means that the soul to each other, but inherit some reasonable effect, such as you become batman acolyte, you turned out to be the blademaster, You still have the STORM effect of MASS DAMAGE when you press R, but you lose Kensei's spinning sword motion.

1.935demo This product is installed

Weapon: Passive - Allows attacks not to miss, ignore shields and have more range in the Z-axis


-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - to record the effect of the heroes and items (subsequent design thought) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --------------------------------------------------------------------------

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx update to be continued

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - to record the current play warcraft custom map (current) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Hook fat Battle: war3 one of the classic rpg maps, simple tower defense, scene: Summoner canyon, characters only butcher, mainly to let players, soldiers unlimited rebirth, opposite only a hero, but kill rebirth will change other heroes, heroes are from dota2

2. Red alert: refer to the sutured version for specific operation, pay attention to carefully read the instructions on how to place buildings and cancel buildings, and how to create soldiers. At present, building destruction is not done, demo modification is upgraded to the end of which side died 1000 people. Use half-life characters and cs gun mode, the operation mode is shown in the suture version (also four skills of qser, one skill represents a weapon, wheel cut the same weapon, press the same skill key twice to cut back to gun mode/non-gun mode view mode), the scene is a maze (note that in order to stabilize the system, the default shield, in module. load mod resource=ranoanimhero_cshand(no animated cd) and load mod resource=raanimhero_cshand(animated cd), Swap THE previous "#" to RE-use the cs gun animation, note that both the animated and non-animated models must have a shield with #. It is recommended to open the brf animation of cs gun mode when playing Warcraft mode and not often fighting, but occasionally when playing a custom map, or when entering the Red Alert script in the beginning.

3. Angry Birds: There will be a catapult in the scene. Press u to throw the minions (actually a catapult).

4. Aircraft battle: It is similar to the flight game played by the game console when I was a child. From a overlooking Angle, wasd controls the dwarf helicopter to move within the shot screen limited by the scene.

5. Return to Wolfenstein: Use half-life figures and cs gun models like Red Alert, the scene is a maze, there are some close to the gate will open, kill all the enemies inside (note that in order to stabilize the system, the default shielding, in module. load mod resource=ranoanimhero_cshand(no animated cd) and load mod resource=raanimhero_cshand(animated cd), Swap THE previous "#" to RE-use the cs gun animation, note that both the animated and non-animated models must have a shield with #. It is recommended to open the brf animation of cs gun mode when playing Warcraft mode and not often fighting, but occasionally when playing a custom map, or when entering the Red Alert script in the beginning.

6. Minecraft: In non-RTS mode, the left mouse button generates blocks, and r switches the first person hand mode/third person (another difference between the first person of T key, which is the state of one hand in My world). In the first person hand mode, pressing e is the switch between the first person mode of holding blocks in the hand and the first person hand mode. Fingerprint pattern according to q is in the first person to destroy square holding shovels first-person mode switching mode with first-person fingerprint, but note that q and e square first person first person cannot be cut, and a spade must cut back to the first model to cut the other person fingerprint, and only the first person hand print mode according to the r can be cut back to the third person perspective, Steve The BOX FIRST PERSON AND THE SPADE FIRST PERSON STATE CAN NOT BE CUT BACK to the THIRD PERSON Steve VIEW BY pressing r, is not very confusing, I do not know why THE key AT that time I think so.

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this is the demo.and next will till the formal version at the end of this year

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22.10.17 Retransmit an item soul extraction for controlled minions to perform Battle Group hack operation, no longer transfer intermediate backup version before subsequent official version

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Added ITEM Soul Extract, which ALLOWS SOUL PIERCING TO control enemy minions, similar to BANshee occupation, but INHERits the Noumenon ability.

Possible SKILL DESCRIPTION AND WARCRAFT is different, mainly to provide players with A control of war group soldiers and war group hack mode of the way, because the original player hero control system shielded all this, there is no four-way attack, into Warcraft random action facing flat A. Knowing THAT MANY PLAYERS ARE NOT USED TO THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY THEY MIGHT AS WELL PLAY WARCRAFT DIRECTLY, SO WE ARE NOW ADDING AN ITEM THAT CONTROLS HOW MINIONS USE THE WARBAND HACK

After adding this item, I found that many of my remote items' ballistics were not set properly, and the model had texture display problems, which is also the direction of subsequent improvement

Video 【 ride a cut in playing world of warcraft: the soul to extract objects occupy the enemy body control any ordinary > > >.

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1.935 Content change:

1. Attack mechanism and damage adjustment: Adjusted attack damage algorithm, skill damage no longer inherits critical hits, adjusted some cases of attack damage appear to be squared by critical hits (mainly affecting invincibility cut), for sustained damage to open each damage calculation interval to avoid excessive damage accumulation, the original rts mode and one person three person are two attack mechanisms, Now the unity means that under the default attack mechanism, the attack is single and easy to be lost by shield block. The original rts ignored the small range attack of shield block and did not miss the passive attack inherited to the item stick. Blademaster crit release 3 epee gas no longer, but the eagle arch items, the effect of the passive inherited almost i.e. the eagle arch melee heroes have the ability to ranged attacks, like Carl remote hero's current mechanism, only the first person can control long-range ballistic, according to the Angle of others say similar moba model the direction of their level. Butcher 3 SKILL INCREASED BODY damage by A factor of 2.5 depending on size.

2. Current Recovery Ring Fortitude Orb Nihilic Gem and other continuous recovery items have been adjusted, passive with recovery ability and adjusted value, active skills can increase recovery by double.

3. Adjust the interval between skill attacks of Transformers. Pay attention to the robot state 1,2,3 skill attacks for 5 times in a row will cause the ammo to harden until the end of the cd cooldown. Transformers 4 skills, namely transformation, have their blue cost changed by 10, Mode skills with cs have their blue cost changed to 10, and CAL dota 4 skills have their blue cost increased from 0 to 50.

4. Fixed the opening scarlet letter in the custom map related to cs's return to Wolfenstein and Red Alarm.

5. Fixed an issue where Kensei could permanently shadow the dota skill status when shadowing under the Warcraft skill while switching dota skills

6. Fixed an issue where pressing the keypad item skill key while not equipped would trigger the cd effect. 7. Increase unknown wild monster in the wild, the leader is the Warcraft Naga and some neutral creatures such as fish people Naga scorpion and so on, with independent action.

Warcraft 1.940 CONTENT CHANGES (GROUP FILE or WEB disk patch form, COVERING 1.935-1.940 VERSIONS) :

1. Cancel the hardening time after the release of Transformers Robot Status 1-3 skills

2. Cancel the default real world status of Warcraft Shaman. Now the default real world heroes are Watchman of the Night, Undead Abomination, Swordsman of the Beast, Tauren and Blood of the Human Race.

3. Night Watchman Maiev implemented her dota as the Phantom Assassin's template skill and adjusted the template skill of her Warcraft prototype to provide invincible Sword Master, weakened the damage reduction effect of some items and increased the damage reduction effect of some items, and provided hints for critical strike and Dodge skills. Fixed Bug Mc-11004 - When Tauren is a dota Ox, the damage cast by the other abilities will always be increased by the multiplier of the damage cast by the 2 abilities if no general attack is used. Note that some skills are affected by the interval, so the wtf cheat command will cause some skills to become invalid or less effective (such as Maiev's knife array and Transformers's 1-3 skill ammo release number).

4. Fixed an issue where a hero other than the Sword Master Carl had a constant attack of 150 when the weapon was previously installed, and an issue where Carl's Ultrasonic ability did not inherit a level added to fixed damage.

Warcraft 1.941 CONTENT CHANGES (GROUP FILE or WEB disk patch form, COVERING 1.935-1.940 VERSIONS) :

1. Adjust the action mechanism of mirror units and the bug of high frequency of remote attack of Spirit of Vengeance

2. Spirit of Vengeance is prohibited from summoning in the arena

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