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Warband warcraft mod controls adjust til 1.87 version

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Chinese instruction:

Mod background pre-designed:
In fact, I haven't covered the specific background yet, I need to design the text and then reflect it. The current pre-design is that in 2100, there will be only one country left in the world, and all the games will be managed by V Club. Any classic game character in the game world, and can traverse the worlds and modes of other games at will, but one day the protagonist finds that he can't exit the game system, and the system gentleman no longer responds to his instructions, so he and the real players who are also sealed in the game world go to find Back to the real world approach. The specifics have not yet been designed. Try to design the plot before retreating. In fact, the programmer and the system mechanism are like the gods of the game world, so my current thinking is that the protagonist is reborn infinitely under normal circumstances, so that the protagonist realizes that he wants to return to the real world, If you cannot pass the death in the game, you must defeat the game system mechanism and turn yourself into a bug, so that the system mechanism can deal with itself as a bug, and it may be possible to return to the real world.

Description of current control methods and mechanisms

1. The current control method:

Operations added in recent versions:
15. Add an extra map to play "Minecraft", press the wheel to select the block (because there are 9 grids, only 12 blocks are currently installed, when the wheel is turned to the right, the slider will go off the screen instead of disappearing, pay attention to scroll back Return to choose), r toggles Steve's first-person arm state and third-person state, q and e are the first-person arm state and the first-person state of holding a cube or the first-person state of holding a pickaxe, respectively. In the iron pickaxe state, pressing the left mouse button can destroy the block at the viewing angle. In other forms, pressing the left mouse button can generate a block corresponding to the block selected in the item bar below. Aiming at a block will generate a block above the target block, and aiming at the ground will generate a block on the ground. Generate blocks.

16. Set a real-time selection menu on the big map. Right-click on the "select menu stronghold" near the player and a series of selection options will pop up. There are multiple levels of options. Currently, only recruiting and separation preparation options are implemented. Press T to display/invisible" selection menu stronghold".
Set a pop-up reminder not to enter for extra map gameplay that is not done well.

17. Test content: The alt on the right summons a nuclear bomb in the scene and the alt on the right launches it.

18. Players can use the Transformers Summoning Card to drive Transformers. The way to use them is the same as using other item skills. Press the number keys on the keypad corresponding to the order of the item icons on the screen to summon. One type of Transformer can be randomly selected in each battle, and the type of Transformer cannot be changed in the same battle. Currently, there are 9 types of Transformers to choose from, 3 types can be turned into aircraft, 5 types can be turned into vehicles, and 1 type can be used to keep firearms. In addition to the same action control as the normal hero, r is to transform into a form such as an aircraft chariot, the alt on the left is to transform from a form such as an aircraft and a chariot back to a robot form, and the ctrl key on the left is to launch missiles, and the chariot-type transformers are no longer Restrict s-backward behavior. Transformers in aircraft form does not allow the aircraft state to use the rts control mode. The aircraft form will be forced to switch back to robot form when it encounters obstacles and map boundaries.

19. In order to take care of the inconvenience of notebook players using the keypad, space can quickly replace the numpad 0 key, that is, the numpad 0 key, which is used to select the default hero script at the beginning of the battle, or press the left and right arrow keys to select the appropriate character to load the picture, and then Press enter to confirm the selection of the hero control script (new in v1.87).

1. First of all, it is recommended to change the system key bound to the original q key to avoid conflict with the skill.

2. Press the T key to switch the third-person mode (the default state of the battle group and the full-body view switch, the default state of the battle group will have a crosshair, and the hook skills such as butcher and lol robot are only the default third-person camera state of the battle group)

3. n switch between the third person and moba-rts camera mode, m can switch between two different rts modes in rts mode (the rts lens control with adjustable angle centered on the player, and the rts lens with a fixed angle without center panning the screen Control), it is recommended to press n and then m in the second rts mode of the warband camera mode to micro-manage the troops, because the first one can be rotated with the player as the center of the screen, and the ground points that may be clicked in some extreme perspectives will fail (but You can press n to return to the regular lens and then press n to reset it to normal).

4. In the third-person mode, the skill keys are q, s, e, and r. In the rts mode, the skill keys are the q, w, e, and r keys. To cancel the first-person mode, you can use the left mouse button to click the skill icon in the rts mode. And the equipment icon can release the skill, and you can click the building icon to place the building, then right-click on the ground to place the building, left-click to cancel the building that is being selected and dragged, in the red alert script mode, place the mouse on the barracks and the tank factory and press back The vehicle button can call up the army building interface, and then press the enter key or move the mouse to remove the army building interface accompanying the building off the screen to close the army building interface. Press the left and right mouse buttons on the soldier interface to select different types of soldiers back and forth.

5. Heroes are divided into melee and long-range heroes. The conditions for generating attack behavior are: in third-person mode, the attack key of melee heroes is the left mouse button, but there must be an enemy in the battlefield, and the attack key of remote heroes is the left ctrl key, rts mode The attack key for melee heroes and ranged heroes is the ctrl key on the left, but for melee heroes, there must be enemies facing a certain range. Release skills and taunts cannot attack, and the attack will stop moving and standby behavior.

6. All hero movement buttons can only use w, a, and d keys in third-person mode (a and d keys have rotations in other directions), that is, the moba hero has no backward behavior, and the mouse clicks the ground position to move in rts mode.

7. Press the 1-8 keys on the keypad to correspond to the item skills in the inventory. The items in the hero card can be used in the field to summon other heroes. The initial hero needs to be selected in the camping interface.

8. The alt on the left is to use the taunting action. You can only use skills to interrupt when taunting. Otherwise, you cannot move or attack until the taunting action is completed.

9. Press the z, x, v, and b keys in rts mode to command all/selected units to stop moving/follow the player, press and hold the left mouse button to select the unit and select the unit, u summons the giant trebuchet and controls it (but throwing is a person), y cancels the summoned trebuchet.

10. Press the ctrl key on the right in any scene to enter the League of Legends scene for preview. Half-life heroes press the same skill button to switch between the third-person and cs first-person modes, left-click to shoot, right-click to reload, press the left ctrl key to shoot continuously, have already pressed the skill key once and then press a different skill key. Directly switch between different types of CS first-person weapons, and the scroll wheel switches between weapon types of the same skill type.

11. The dwarf helicopter moves before pressing the w key, and presses the a and d keys to descend and ascend respectively.

12. Press the u key to summon the giant catapult and control the catapult projection, but the throwing unit is a person, and the up, down, left, and right arrow keys control the number of people thrown. Press the Y key to cancel/enable the giant trebuchet function after the trebuchet is summoned.

13. Temporarily do not limit the conditions for pressing the tab key to exit.

14, the small keyboard 0 key big map cheats and adds soldiers.

2. Rough setting:

The world view and arms are not fully set up yet. The initial setting is war3 and red alert3 world view duel. Players and lord NPCs, as players from the real world, come to the virtual reality game world PK, so the camping interface will be similar to NetEase mobile games. The check-in check-in card draws equipment to switch the hero played. In addition, in addition to extracting the equipment of Dota, there is a certain chance to get a hero summoning card that you do not have. Similar to Ultraman, as an item with active skills, you can turn yourself into a character of the League of Legends and have the action of the League of Legends system, and the lord NPC also randomly uses the hero summoning card to play the role of a random League of Legends according to this setting. The current assumption is that a group of players travels to a virtual reality game, and the red alert in the game is broken due to the time-space switch, so the world of war3 is converted into it.
Currently available heroes and methods:
Initial heroes that can be selected by camping:
League of Legends Culture: Easy
Dota Culture: Domination
Half-Life Culture: Machine Gunner (the ability can be switched to the first-person mode of CS, using cs gun model animation)
Warcraft Culture: Watcher, Butcher (Warcraft remake hates appearance, but can use Dota Butcher's hook.

Heroes that can be summoned by drawing cards:
Cards have active skills, which can be used in the scene by pressing the corresponding position of the numeric keyboard key. You can transform yourself into other League of Legends characters with custom actions. Currently, there are Garen, Teemo, Blind Monk, Carter, and Nine Tails.

At present, all heroes have a unique set of animation systems, which are in line with the source game's own action system and animation skills, etc., as well as icons with their own characteristics.
There will be a unique way to do the skin system in the future.

3. Special battlefield control
See the first point of key control about the rts red alert box selection mouse click control operation.

Fourth, special gameplay

1. Red Alert Mode:
At the beginning, you can choose the battle group play and the red police mode. After selecting the red police mode, the large map troops will be presented as resource point data. After the troops encounter, the red police buildings will be built on the opposite side. We need to build the buildings in the rts mode. , The empty finger department of the barracks battlefield factory must build a base first, and the construction of a mine can temporarily increase the resource points, but the temporary increase of points for additional battles after the war will be gained or lost through other algorithms. Both the enemy and the enemy limit the number of mechanical and flying units to no more than four in the same scene at the same time, mainly for the stability of the game, so don't frantically build mechanical units and flying units, and wait for 4 of each to be produced on the field to die.
Players temporarily lock the Red Alert Soviet culture. When the Warcraft camp is hostile, the Red Alert American building is temporarily used. The robbers and other wild camps will randomly build soldiers according to all cultural camps.

2. Customize the map; when you enter the camp, you can choose to customize the map to play. There are small games such as Warcraft's famous hook fat war and Angry Birds. Each has its own version number. If there is no version number, it will be reserved and not done. , do not click start.

Fifth, the military establishment system:

1. When all cities and hero units are far away from the player, they will be represented by divisions, battalions, etc. In a three-three system, the minimum squad leader is 12, the highest division leader, and the army only displays the largest subordinate unit that can be split, for example, you have 98 people (36+36+26), the troops are displayed as 2 full platoon leaders and 1 platoon leader with less than 26 people, so the meaning of this platoon leader is how many people there are in a platoon, not so many platoon leaders. Players approaching will show the actual troop composition.
2. In order not to change the name of the original lord hero first, it is mandatory to initialize the lord's name in the format of "camp name + (serial number) army commander", and the king in the format of "camp name + army commander-in-chief". (The main reason is to be lazy and not manually change the names one by one). 3. After the lord leaves the city for the first time, he will follow him with 3 division-level troops. The name of the 1st-3rd division is added to the name of his army establishment, and the establishment conversion system of point 1 is also used. The number of each division is 2-3 About each group (a group of 972 people, that is, a class based on 12 people will be delivered according to the three-to-three system)

VI. Mechanical and flying units
There are both the Warcraft camp and the Red Alert camp. Currently, each Warcraft camp has its own type of mechanical vehicle and one type of flying creature. The Red Alert camp is mainly divided into vehicles, aircraft and robots.
Mechanics need to be attacked with area damage weapons and skills (such as grenades and Alpha Raid), and flying units, except Kirov, can be destroyed when they occasionally land and fly low, otherwise the troops may not be easy to hit when they focus fire ( At present, the altitude of the aircraft is adjusted to a lower level in order to be able to hit, although there are still altitude changes).
The robot pays attention to the fact that the person carrying it above will not die unless the robot is killed, so it is still playing according to the mechanical solution.
Mechanical units have crush damage and intermittent damage in the direction of travel.
Tank robot v4 missile car etc have animations.
In order to prevent jumping out, the total number of each type of arms of the battlefield mechanical unit is limited to a maximum of 4 in the same battlefield environment time (dead less than four, and the corresponding arms can be regenerated when the corresponding arms are re-played)

Seven, mobile game sign-in card draw mode:
Combined with the second setting, open the camping interface and see the weekly check-in, monthly check-in, and draw the card to know what it means.

8. Some optional items in the camp setting
1. Choose to turn on the fog of war in the battlefield, similar to the war3 effect, the player has a part of the surrounding area unobstructed vision in the rts control mode, and the rest of the area will be covered by translucent colors and cannot be seen clearly.
2. You can choose not to let armored flying units play to improve game stability.
3. You can choose whether to have a turret in the field. The turret has a firing animation and cannot be controlled by movement. When the war starts, the enemy modern camp and the player have 2 each.
4. There are two dialogue systems to choose from. In addition to the original dialogue system of the battle group, there is also a mushroom cloud picture-style RPG dialogue effect triggered by pressing f.
5. Choose between the original scene of the battle group or the scene of Warcraft. The addition of this choice is to improve the stability of the game.

Note: It is best to enable one or two of the above 2, 3, and 5 options, so that the game is more stable, and it is not easy to play a few battles to c++ run error.

9. Brand new battle UI interface in line with dota2 style
Independent players control the hero's independent practice experience and upgrades, and the calculation and display of strength, agility, intelligence, attack power and armor are independent of other common arms. The icons of 4 skills and 8 item skills of heroes that can be double-operated with buttons and mouse clicks and their cd display effects. Building icon of Red Alert building. Dota2 minimap.

10. Dota2 items for active skills
At present, the lol hero summoning card and some dota2 items have active skills and additional attributes for heroes, namely jumping knife, shiwa's guardian, assault breastplate, necronomicon, halo hammer, electric hammer, black king stick, and other dota2 Item skills have not been implemented, such as tp, true and false eyes, blood essence stone and so on.

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