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In this article I'll try to cover most common problems with War City and possible solutions.

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----------Troubleshooting and common problems--------------

War City is good game but in open beta and some problems may occur. In this article I'll try to cover most of common problems and thier soulitions.

Fatal Error - Failded to load Mono

Problem type : Missing dll files

This one is most common problem of all problems. It happens when Unity3D failed in initialization of engine.


If you have x64 system you need to have installed both x32 and x64 versions of C++ 2010 redistributable package. In case of x32 system you need only x32 version of C++ 2010 redistributable package. If you already have it installed it may be corupted and you can try to reinstall them.

Missing d3d###.dll file

Problem type : Missing dll files

It may happen when you have corrupted or incomplete DirectX installed.


You need to (re)install DirectX. Go to THIS page to download official DirectX and install it.

Application need .Net 4.6

Problem type : Missing enviroment

Source code is running on .Net framework 4.6 and you need one to run game


.Net framework is something like bag of stuff used to build source code and naturaly, you need it too to run source code. Go to THIS page to download .Net Framework 4.6 and install it.

Screen is stretched to full area of 16:10 or 16:9 monitor

Problem type : Wrong graphics adapter settings

This is not one of bugs what crash whole game, it is not even something directly related to game but rather to user's graphics settings. It wont prevent you to play game but 3:4 game does not look good on 4K parabolic monitor.


This is very hardware-specific problem. Your graphics adapter is set up to stretch games to full monitor size. You must serach trough your graphics settings and find something like "stretching mode". You can usaly find values like stretch, crop, center or keep aspect ratio. Choose keep aspect ratio.

Can't load saved game

Problem typy : Access issue

If you see red box every start of game with everything at defalut value, you have problems with UAC


Move game folder to non-protected place like desktop or USB stick. Run as administrator may help as well but is bad idea to run random programs in adminisrator mode. Of course, run War City in administrator mode is 100% safe but it is bad habit.

Gamepad issue with stick / analogs controlls - can't use them

Problem type : Not a problem but frequently asked

explanation : Game can work only with control elements of button type. Things like analog stick are disabled, they won't work because of how input system works.

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