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This is ReadMe-file from main version of the mod for PC (Windows). Here you can read about installation, read different tips, full list of innovations and other.

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Winter Mod 3.0 (Updated)

A nextgen winter modification for GTA: Vice City


0. Distribution
1. Install
2. Hints and tips
2.1. Technical nuances
2.2. Gameplay
2.3. Other information
3. Innovations
3.1. Songs on the radio
4. Author


Please do not repack this mod, do not release separately parts of the mod or mod without this readme. Do not use parts of the mod in your mods.

If you want to release this mod — I would be glad, but please, save original archive and files. Thanks.


Open Setup.exe and install the mod into folder with clean (original) copy of GTA: Vice City.


Disable antivirus before the installation. If the installer gives the message about the incompatibility with Windows, set in the properties of Setup.exe compatibility with Windows XP. After installation you can run the mod from new shortcuts on the desktop (one of them opens a menu in which you can change settings); also you can use an old shortcut. Enjoy the game!


2.1. Technical nuances

* Modern Windows systems compatibility tips see in ReadMe\Winter Mod folder.

* If you, when starting the game, see windows with message about missing DLL-files, copy DLL-files from Bonus\DLLs into WINDOWS\system32 folder.

* If you still see that message about DLL-files, run DirectX 9 Web Setup.exe (from game folder or from Bonus\DLLs folder); installer will just download missing files.

* If you see graphic glitch with spontaneous high blurring, open game folder, then open enbseries.ini file with Notepad, near EnableMoti type 0 instead of 1 (you must repeat this after changing graphic settings in the mod menu). But for the first, if after the first installation you see any glitches, you can try to reboot computer.

* On some computers can be performance problems. To solve them, find the optimal graphics settings through special menu. For elimination graphics problems on very old computers — disable post-processing.

* System requirements for maximum graphics parameters: Intel Core i3 2.93 GHz, 3.5 Gb RAM, 1 Gb video card and better. Mod was tested on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and adapted for these systems.

* With advanced options menu you can very flexible install needed parameters; due to the powerful optimization mod can run on very old computers.

* In the menu read the tips displayed if you move cursor to buttons.


2.2. Gameplay

* Tommy in cutscenes

Winter Mod includes four new skins for Tommy (you can select one of them in game menu). Also you can change his clothes in the cutscenes (see Bonus folder).

* Missions and story

With Winter Mod menu you can select Freeride Mode (with this option you can play the game without missions and storyline, only free discovering the city; all real estate already purchased; by the way, in this mode Tommy will have more health, also you can hire bodyguards in Vercetti Estate) or play with original story and missions.

It is convenient to use Freeride Mode when you lost your old savegames or just want to get all from the game from its start (real estate, all the clothes etc), but at the same time it's very interesting to play again the classic storyline with winter atmosphere! Note that savegames that you did in one mode, do not work in other mode.

* Walking

With menu you can enable or disable ability to walk for Tommy. In the original game, unlike San Andreas game, the main hero can only run, not walk slowly.

Note that to pass mission The Job, you must disable this ability (it conflicts with game scripts and passing of the mission becomes impossible).

* Simulation of winter roads for vehicles

This option imitates winter roads, drifts on the ice, driving in snow etc.

It can make racing missions more difficult. Also in some missions can be funny incidents (sometimes car of some character in cutscene can not immediately come to the point of destination), if it interferes you — disable this option.

See tips in the menu for some details about all the new options.

2.3. Other information

Mod recommended for install only over the clean game, but if you want to install after Winter Mod some other mods (new cars, for example), you must know about new nuances: now game has few (instead one in original game) archives with game files; .dff files (models) you must replace in gta3.img, textures (.txd) files — in textures.img.

In the mod Widescreen Fix is included for correct work with widescreen displays. This plugin makes displaying of HUD and other signs better and correct on the widescreen displays. But plugin is compatible only with 1.0 version of gta_vc.exe. To remove plugin, delete dinput8.dll file and all the files from scripts folder except snowthing.asi.


* Modification was fully reworked from scratch in comparison with version 2.3 (therefore mod's version moved up to 3.0). All ideas of old mod were revised and recreated on new quality level.

* WHOLE the city is covered with snow! Thousands of game textures have been replaced. All roads, grass, roofs covered with snow, no detail was missed. Mod uses high quality and high resolution textures.

* LOD textures also were replaced (they are using for object when player is far from it). Due to this snow is visible from very far distance.

* The plants and trees also are covered with snow.

* Some cars are little sprinkled with snow; also all tires in snow too.

* All pedestrians are clothed in warm clothes. (Some peds quenched, some sliding on ice).

* Four new skins.

* Tommy in cutscenes can be dressed in different warm clothes.

* Improved graphics: in the mod using HD textures and post-processing (powerful combination of two graphics libraries that is used for the first time in Vice City mod) which added some new effects: bloom, realtime reflections, motion blur, anisotropic filtration, aliasing, vignette (darkening of the edges), color correction, additional sharpness etc.

* New visual (particle) effects: water, fire, clouds and other.

* Unique and very flexible menu with settings of the mod.

* Main hero can walk (this option can be disabled or enabled, like a lot of new features, from the new menu).

* Freeride Mode for discovering the snow city without missions.

* Simulation of winter roads for vehicles.

* Winter sounds: you can hear sounds of snowstorm, blizzard, wind howling.

* Falling snow.

* Winter weather with long evenings and nights.

* New radio station (replaces: VCPR) with songs dedicated for Christmas and New Year (New Year Radio Station). One and a half hour of the sound. The music is chosen to match the era 80's.

* New radio station (replaces: KCHAT) with Russian folk songs and Soviet songs about New Year (it is the part of author's culture), you may install this station from Bonus folder.

* Besides the winter textures, also some general textures (textures of some buildings, for example, Ken Rosenberg's office or Ocean Drive) were replaced to high quality analogues, similar to the original textures. Used some textures from HRT 1.4 mod for GTA: San Andreas (

* New menu and loadscreens.

* New radar (border of the radar, the map, radar icons), icons for weapons in HUD and radio stations icons.

* This is the first multi-platform mod for Grand Theft Auto game and the first global modification for mobile version of GTA: Vice City (because, except this main version for PC, an experimental version for Android was also released).

* Technical innovations that are unique for Vice City mods: other structure of files and already two IMG archives with resources, combination of two post-prosecuting libraries etc.

* Dozens of other minor changes and dozens of Easter eggs.

In updated (2014) version:

* Added six new songs on New Year radio station;

* Added two songs on the Russian (bonus) station (and one changed on better version);

* Fixed some glitches in the menu of the mod (also it was improved);

* Fixed some particle textures;

* Fixed some other problems, better instructions, other changes.

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