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This is ReadMe-file from Winter Mod 3.0 for Android. Here you can read, how to install mod, read the tips and other information.

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ReadMe wrote:

Winter Mod 3.0 for Android (Updated)

A winter modification for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition. Experimental version.


0. Distribution
1. An experiment
2. Install
3. Innovations
3.1. Songs on the radio
4. Author


Please do not repack this mod, do not release separately parts of mod or mod without this readme. Do not use parts of mod in your mods.

If you want to release this mod — I would be glad, but please, save original archive and files. Thanks.


Please note that this version for Android — an experiment. Mod was made in such a way, as could be done with currently existing non-ideal solutions, and this mod even made blindfold.

As a result, this is first cross-platform GTA modification, the first global cross-platform GTA mod, the first global mod for mobile version of Vice City, and the fist winter mod for the game.

Mod was tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III (Mail 400). I have no way to test it on different devices. Make backup of the game folder before installation.

And do not forget about main and base version for PC. PC-version has better quality and has a lot of impressive and unique for GTA mods features.

If you have original Vice City on your PC — download the mod, you will like it!


You can install mod in few variants of installation: you can install only needed part of mod or the whole mod.

Folders with mod:

«1. Base files» — contains radio station, sound of wind, snow roads simulation (cars sliding), winter weather.

«2. Visual effects» — contains new visual effects (and falling snow effect).

«3. Snow textures on the location» — contains snow textures for location.

How to install the files? Copy files from one of the folders (or from all listed folders) in the game folder (sdcard/Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtvc).

Sometimes game on device packed in .obb-file. You must open it in WinRar and add mod files into it.

«4. Clothes for Tommy» — contains new skins (more warm clothes) for Tommy.

Installation of skins: delete player.bmp from [game]\models\generic, then copy one of new skins to this folder and rename it in player.bmp (as deleted file).

Before you play game, reboot device and clean cache. Enjoy!



You can decide, what part of the mod you want. For example, if you do not need winter surfaces imitation, do not copy surface.dat from «1. Base files\data»; if you do not need new weather, do not copy timecyc.dat, if you do not want new sounds or radio, do not copy «Audio» folder.

If you have some problems with full installation of the mod, you can try to intall mod partially.


* City is covered with snow;

* Replaced also LOD-textures (they are using for objects when player is far from them);

* Four new skins for Tommy;

* New visual (particle) effects;

* Simulation of winter roads for vehicles;

* Falling snow effect;

* Winter weather with long evenings and nights;

* Winter sounds of nature: sounds of snowstorm, blizzard, wind howling;

* New radio station (replaces: VCPR) with songs that dedicated for Christmas and New Year. The music is chosen to match the era 80's (in the main — classic rock);

* New radio station (replaces: KCHAT) with Russian folk songs and Soviet songs about New Year (it is the part of author's culture), you may install this station from Bonus folder;

* The first multi-platform mod for Grand Theft Auto game, the first global modification for mobile version of GTA: Vice City, the first snow mod for this game;

In updated (2014) edition of this mod (that was released at the same time with updated version of PC mod):

* Added six new songs on New Year radio station;

* Added two songs on the Russian (bonus) station (and one changed on better version);

* Better quality of the radio sound;

* Better instructions, mod was fully repacked.


3.1. Songs on the radio


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