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All you need to know about starting severs and joining servers. In this tutorial we show you how to setup listen, dedicated and lan servers.

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Welcome To Varion Servers Tutorial.

If your new to servers or your a pro this tutorial will help you a lot even if your not setting up for varion this can help for other mods.

What's in this tutorial:
- How to join varion hamachi server
- Hamachi Networks
- Listen Servers
- Dedicated Servers
- Lan Servers

How to join varion hamachi server:
Download this:

Hamachi is a program which we have been using along time. The program basicly hosts lan servers over the internet so if you can't host servers this is perfect program for you.

As varion we can't afford servers so we just use hamachi if you want to join the offical varion servers please join this network.

|Offical| Varion Server

Hamachi Networks:
To join hamachi networks you simple go to create/join networks then just join a network. These can be used by anyone. If you want to play with your friends all you do is create a new network or join ours then copy the i.p address when you have created a lan server, then type in connect then the i.p.

Listen Servers:
Listen servers are servers which are hosted over the internet by users. You can do this by just opening up varion and then going to create a server and then just start. Make sure sv_lan 1 and heartbeat are on. If your ports arn't open this won't work.

Dedicated Servers:
Varion doesn't have a dedicated server program but you can use source dedicated server. To do this copy the varion folder into your main directory off source dedicated server and right click sds and go to properties then launch options then add this -console -game varion +map Vn_Swift +maxplayers 8 +sv_lan 0. Run the program and then join the server in-game with this still open.

Lan Servers:
Lan servers are created exactly the same as listen servers but you need sv_lan 0 in the console. Then people need to join your i.p address.

(We recommend you type in changelevel "map name" before you try join.)

Thanks for reading hope this has helped.

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