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In this tutorial, I give a brief explanation on how to use the /time commands in the game, so impatient players won't have to wait an entire 20 minutes for a new day. I also give a video in the end, in case the reader still does not quite understand, or needs a demonstration. Only hosts can use this command.

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1. Open Teurainium and sign up or log in.
2. Open the server batch file, in the server folder.
3. Host a game, or make one and then host it if you have to.
4. When in the game, open the command box, or if it does not work, open the chat box and type in a slash (/)
5. Add the word 'time' and according to the time of day you want, you can choose from one of the four commands: dawn, noon, dusk, midnight.
6. To set the time to dawn type: "/time dawn";

7. To set the time to noon type: "/time noon";

8. To set the time to dusk type: "/time dusk";

9. To set the time to midnight type: "/time midnight";

You can also watch this video showing you how to use the commands, if you do not understand this tutorial, here:

On a new topic now, I'm officially done, with the day and night. Now I've created a strawpoll, on what I should work on next, you choose here:

Also, these are the update news for 0.9.7.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed, and I will see you guys later!

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