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This tutorial teaches you the basics of Vice City Multiplayer (The official VCS-MP has not been developed yet)

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Vice City Multiplayer is a modificated for Vice City that allows you to play the game with other players. Currently, VC-MP is the only way to play Vice City's Serbian online. Until an official VCS-MP is developed, this will be the place holder.

How to launch VC-MP

To launch VC-MP, simply click the VC-MP executable inside of the VCS game folder.

A how to use the server browser

There are five tabs that are on the VC-MP server browser. The favorites tab is for your favorite servers. The internet tab is for every single server. The official tab is for the servers supported by the VC-MP team. The LC:MP tab is not used anymore (GTA Liberty City mod for VC isn't played in MP anymore), and legacy is also dead for undocumented reasons.

The four icons on the upper left part of the server browser are used for other uses for servers. The > icon allows you to join the highlighted server. The check mark is for adding a server to your favorites tab. The X allows you to remove servers from your favorites tab. And the refresh icon is self explanatory.

What is the blue > icon for?

The blue > icon is for Build mode. So far build mode is unstable. Another way to access build mode is to rename the gta-vc.exe to gta-vc -d.exe.

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