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Directions for how to help me (Albino) out with the in-game unit wiki.

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Hello all. Might as well get right to the point....

For the last couple weeks, I have been working on developing an in-game unit database. The UI itself has (almost) every buildable unit selectable, and displays important info such as health, economic cost, etc. Especially for relatively inexperienced users, this UI has the potential to be extremely helpful. However, there's just one issue....

As you can guess, there are a hefty amount of units between Vanilla SC2, RVE, and UnitPort (to put it lightly) and I don't really have the time to create a ton of unit descriptions. Therefore, I am asking that you, the reader, give a helping hand if you have any free time and write a paragraph or two on a couple units.

Now, the first thing you may (should) ask is, where do I put my description(s)? HabbaLobba, who you may have noted is listed as a developer, has been working on a online UnitPort wiki. I will go here for descriptions, which I will copy and paste into a table that the ingame UI draws from. In any case, here's how to do it:

1) The online wiki can be found here:

2) Most likely, your unit will not be listed on here. To create a new page, go to the "contribute" tab in the upper right and click "add a page"

3) For the page name, use this format: "[Unit Name]" [Tech Level] [Description]. For example:
"Ehuhua" T1 Mobile Shield Generator
For the page type, choose "Standard". Then, of course, press "create".

4) You will now be in the "edit page" window. At the top, insert ==Description==. Below that, go ahead and write your description. Keep in mind that this only needs to be a couple of lines, not an essay. Also, when you write your description, please use proper English (which means capital letters, periods, correct spelling, apostrophes, and no using Google Translate). If you don't, I do know grammar nazis....

Optional) If you would like, you can go ahead and create a table of unit characteristics (such as health, cost, etc.) For directions, go here:

5) Once you are done, go to the Unit Index, which you can find under the "Wiki Content" tab at the top of the page. Then please create a link to your newly created page under the appropriate bullet. There are various examples of unfilled pages (or partially filled) already there that you can look at.

I believe that is all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below. I'll make sure to add to these directions if necessary.


barbaricclown - - 8 comments

Hello, I am the aforementioned grammar Nazi. I'm pretty much going to abuse everyone who puts grammatically incorrect content into a description that they hope will be read by other people. Shame on you all. I figured to give you an idea of the standards you should try to stick to I would take apart ABBINO's intro post...
1. "Hefty" (paragraph 3, sentence 1) is a measurement of weight, not amount.
2. "Ingame" (paragraph 4, sentence 2) is not a word. *I am not really this mean, but I do intend to mock you if you make errors, so...* The red underline clues most of us into this... In-game, however, is what we call a phrase. The essential character here is the hyphen.
3. "Most likely" (list item #2, sentence 1) is not a clause, so it should not have a comma after it.
4. Take number 3 and apply it to "for the page type" (list item #3, sentence 3). Surprise!
5. Take number 3 and apply it to "Below that" (list item #4, sentence 3). Perhaps you should work on this concept... Here's a link:
6. "nazi" (list item #4, sentence 6) is a proper noun. When you see the little red underlines, you should right click on the word... this really cool thing happens where "Spelling Suggestions" pop up...

Albino has rather good grammar (and no, that wasn't sarcasm). His post was still not quite up to par. Please, go back over your posts, and visit the darn link, because this post was me trying to be nice...

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barbaricclown - - 8 comments

Naturally, I misspelled Albino. I am now the Spelling Nazi too. Fear me, mere mortals!

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