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UPDATED! - 2/27/13 Please view the Ultimate Apocalypse full faction tutorial to learn what a faction can do. Twelve races, this is the tutorial section of how to play a race in the Ultimate Apocalypse mod. This is a free for all edit for all audiences. If there is a tactic doable for a faction you find rather interesting, jot it down on this thread, as it is a tactic very helpful for other players.

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Outdated feature!

Please visit this link for the actual strategy guide.

Ultimate Apocalypse Mod Faction Guide

Welcome to the Ultimate Apocalypse mod tutorial! In this guide, we will be guiding you through the different factions you can play in this mod and in what manner you might best utilise them to crush your enemies! There are 12 factions in the Ultimate Apocalypse (UA) mod - Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, Daemon-hunters, Orks, Chaos, Chaos Daemons, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, Necrons and Tyranids.

Although most of these races will be familiar to you from playing the standard Dawn of War: Soulstorm, they will not necessarily play the same way in this mod. Some of their original qualities have been enhanced, others tweaked in different ways. For instance most if not all units have slightly different stats, changed with respect to all of the newly added squads and vehicles so as to achieve balance.

One of the first unique things to consider with UA strategies is the Relic resource. This feature allows you to deploy your strongest units in a myriad of different ways according to your play style and that of the opponent. For instance, you can choose to spend the relic resource in small bursts to have numerous lesser Relic units to command, or spend them all on a large super-units such as titans. And enabling the ‘Titan Wars' win condition lets you do whatever you want!

The commander dynamic has also been altered. Most commanders go through ‘levels' through research. A commander will begin on level 0, and at a cost of 50 requisition will upgrade to level 1, and so forth until level 8 is reached. The cost steadily increases for commander upgrades, and each level increases the stats of the commander along with unlocking more advanced abilities and wargear. In this way, Commanders remain viable units throughout the entire expanded tech tree of UA. It also affords a distinct strategic option; do you direct resources towards your commander, or your supporting army in a given situation?

There is also the added feature of super-weapons. These expensive, last-tier tools are incredibly powerful abilities that can lay waste to armies. The armies of the Imperium utilise high-yield nuclear weaponry, whereas the Tyranids use meteors hurled from space. Different races have distinct super weapons, and it is well worth giving them all a shot.

Finally there are the game-enders, the last-call weaponry used where you have managed to accrue an ungodly amount of resources yet your enemy refuses to be squashed. Call in an exterminatus with the Imperial armies, or use ancient Necron technology to sterilise the planet! As with the relatively weaker super weapons, different races sport different game enders with some flashy visual effects!

The most powerful features are late-tier options and very expensive. Researching the next tier (eg, Settlement -> Orky fort) is an option that must be made with regard to your current grasp of the battlefield and your available resources. If you spend too much time spending your resources on research and technology, your enemy may overwhelm you with their forces!

Now, on to the individual races. The UA mod adds a large variety of new units and features to all factions, and mixing and matching squads and/or strategies could yield very interesting results. The tips below are simply an overview of the faction's most obvious strengths.

Space Marines

"They will be of iron will and steely muscle. In great armour shall I clad them and with the mightiest guns will they be armed. They will be untouched by plague or disease, no sickness will blight them. They will have tactics, strategies and machines so that no foe can best them in battle. They are my bulwark against the Terror. They are the Defenders of Humanity. They are my Space Marines and they shall know no fear" - The Emperor of Mankind

The Space Marines are an army favouring elite units capable of dealing with many kinds of situation. They are a very generalist army: a tactical space marine squad can be outfitted with different weapons to combat any kind of enemy.

The marines have good morale in general, and many squad leaders have morale-restoring abilities. Their commanders are strong leaders of men and can best even hideous daemons of the warp. In late tiers they will have highly powerful abilities, such as a psychic power that affects the entire map.
In this mod the player has a choice between two force commanders: Gladeus and Killeus. Both of these have distinct upgrades and stats - Killeus, after completing his tech tree, will be donned in Terminator armour and wielding devastating ranged or melee weaponry, so as to smite down hordes of the Emperor's enemies. Gladeus, on completion of his tech tree, is promoted to Chapter-Master status, giving him powerful abilities and particularly strong anti-daemon weaponry.

The Space marine's orbital relay abilities remain from the base game and the mod provides many new units which you can deep strike to take advantage of the enemy's weak points, or simply to reinforce your main army faster.

At later tiers they can use Land Raider based vehicles. Apart from the standard Land Raider, there are the Crusader, Helios, Redeemer and Prometheus patterns to use.

Finally they have access to Titan support to decimate the enemy, or to counter other titans. Warhound titans are the ‘scout' titans. Do not let this name fool you - these are behemoths that tower over the battlefield, unleashing a hail of destructive fire upon the enemy. Reaver titans are even larger constructs that can lay waste to smaller titans and entire armies with ease. They are, however, highly expensive.

The warrior monks of the Adeptus Astartes are now truly beacons of the Emperor's wrath!

Chaos Space Marines

"We fight the long war, not through vain notions of duty and honour, but through a far purer purpose: hatred. At the height of our glory we were betrayed and cast out by our kin. Guilliman, Dorn, Sanguinius - these are names I curse. Horus, Perturabo, Angron - these are names I revere, names I would follow to the very end. It is this hatred that has sustained me through the long millennia. I tend it with bitterness. I nurture it with the deaths of my former brothers. For I know that when the end is upon us and Horus is returned, then the false emperor shall be cast down from his sepulchral Golden Throne, and we shall take our rightful place at the side of Horus, the true Emperor of Mankind" - Ferrous Ironclaw, Warsmith of the Iron Warriors.

Like the armies of the loyalist Space Marines, the armies of chaos have a backbone of dependable general marines. Unlike the loyalists, though, these marines are not afraid to throw hordes of maniacal cultists at the enemy to absorb fire, to use the powers of the warp to corrupt reality and to summon daemons to eviscerate the enemy.

In the UA mod, chaos armies can choose Marks, as is the case in the lore and the tabletop. The player can choose to devote their army to one of the 4 chaos gods: Khorne the Blood God, Nurgle the God of pestilence and disease, Tzeentch the God of sorcery and ambition, or Slaanesh the God of excess and hedonism. A final option is to choose Chaos undivided, retaining most of the units of the other marks in addition to it's own, but with 80% health for these units.

Each Mark has its own specialty units and abilities, including a particular Greater Daemon. Chaos undivided does not have its own greater Daemon, although the Chaos Lord may still ascend to become a Daemon prince. Chaos undivided does however enjoy the benefits of using almost every other unit that the particular Marks enjoy.

Chaos has access to the traitor titan legions of the Dark Mechanicum, and can use these to unleash Feral Warhound titans and Chaos Reaver titans. They also have access to an accursed abomination created from a mesh of heavy duty weaponry and daemonic sorcery; the Hell Drake, an airborne titan. This unit is not as effective against other titans, however it can quickly cause wanton destruction to infantry units.

The superweapon that the Chaos legions may utilise is a Warp storm that obliterates all units in a large radius, exposing all within to the unfettered power of the warp.

Chaos most certainly has come to bring its forces to bear in this mod. And the fools who deny it will surely be crushed!


"Your kind think you are so magnificent, yet even now, at the nadir of our power, we can manipulate you, turn you to our ends, as easily as you might pull a trigger and fire a gun. Our time will come again, Eldrad has promised us. Once more you upstart Mon-keigh [subject spits] shall kneel before our power! This time we will not be so lenient! We will exterminate you, every world, every vessel, every one of you! Eldrad has seen the stars stained red with your blood, and it pleases him! You think us weak, but we will be your doom, children of Earth" - Last words of a captured ranger.

The Eldar are an ancient race of warriors and artisans, whose Empire reigned long before mankind existed. Their technology and mastery of a fabricated dimension known as ‘the Webway' affords them incredible speed in their martial endeavours.

Much like in the base Soulstorm game, the Eldar are a faction of specialists, for the most part. However, aspects of the Eldar path of war not available in Dawn of War Soulstorm have been added that are rather more generally capable, such as the Dire Avengers. This type of Aspect warrior is more capable than the guardian (who is nothing but a civilian called upon to serve the Craftworld) but cannot excel at any particular role to the extent other units can.

The Eldar are an army that can become immensely powerful if the player can multi-task and micromanage accordingly. Eldar units generally have powerful or otherwise useful abilities that can turn the tide of battle if deployed correctly. The Farseer for instance can be customised to have a plethora of psychic abilities to aid in combat.

The Eldar have access to a relic unit earlier than the other races, although it is not as strong as other relic units. This unit is the Storm Serpent, which is not in itself a powerful unit but if used correctly can contribute tremendously to the speed of the Eldar army. Other relic ‘super-heavy' vehicles are available such as the Scorpion and the Void Spinner. And as always, there is the dreaded Avatar of Khaine, manifestation of the Eldar god of War.

The use of the webway to utilise stealth and speed is still one of the more viable strategies for this army, and later tier structures can apply webway-induced effects over great sections of the map. The eldritch sorceries of this race have rarely been seen on such a grand scale.

The Eldar also have their own titans, and also boast the fastest titan in the game: the Revenant titan.
The Eldar art of War has now been refined to a level before thought impossible in Soulstorm.


"The Orks plague the galaxy from the end to end with their ceaseless warring and strife. They are a race rooted so deeply in war that peace is utterly incomprehensible to them. They cannot be bargained with or bought save with weapons that they will inevitable turn against those who tried to bribe them. I pray with all my faith that some great catastrophe will annihilate them but I fear that ultimately it is they, not we, who shall rule the galaxy" - Xanthius, High Lord of Terra.

The orks are a race of warlike beings that thrive on combat. They gain tremendous satisfaction from the act of fighting (and especially killing) a good enemy. Their strength lies primarily in their numbers: where there is one ork, you are clearly not looking hard enough, or his friends are already behind you.

The orks traditionally are separated into different clans based on their combat preferences and ideologies. For instance, the Goffs clan abhor ranged combat whenever possible, and the Blood axes make use of more ‘human' methods such as stealth and tactics. However in Dawn of War orks of different stripes are united under the influence of a mighty warboss, and the player can utilise da boyz in whatever way they deem ‘orky'. The UA mod increases the wealth of units from which to build and customise your WAAAGH! Gretchin units may be used as a screen, new ‘blasty' vehicles may keep the enemy disoriented, and more importantly: you can have lots and lots of orks.

The orks have a late tier ability that instantly maximises the unit caps, and renders all orks immune to morale. However, sufficient research is required to back this up.

WAAAGH! Banners are still the backbone of the orky economy, and each banner permits research to in turn allow bigga' boys and betta' flashy bitz to be used.

Orky titan units include the Kustim Stompa and the Great Stompa, proficient at close and ranged combat accordingly. Squiggoths and Battle Fortresses also stand by to krump da enemy!

So as it is said; orkses iz never beaten in battle!

Imperial Guard

"I have at my command an entire battle group of the Imperial Guard. Fifty regiments, including specialized drop troops, stealthers, mechanized formations, armored companies, combat engineers and mobile artillery. Over half a million fighting men and thirty thousand tanks and artillery pieces are mine to command. Emperor show mercy to the fool that stands against me, for I shall not." - Warmaster Demetrius

The Imperial Guard is the primary army of the Imperium of Man, the backbone of the Imperium. While the space marines have post-human supersoldiers bearing surgical, genetic, chemical and psychic augmentations and are protected by ceramite powered armour, the Imperial guard is formed from normal human beings wearing simple flak vests.

Consisting both of seasoned veterans and hastily recruited conscripts, an Imperial guard regiment boasts tens of thousands of soldiers. However, in a battle the scale of the typical Dawn of War UA skirmish there are often many regiments working in tandem with hundreds of thousands of men putting their lives on the line. Simply put; the Imperial guard is a faction designed to throw innumerable expendable guardsmen at the enemy. Backing this formidable force up are some of the best vehicles in the game such as the Basilisk artillery cannon and the ever-reliable Leman Russ battle tank.

UA introduces many new units to the guard, including numerous Leman Russ variants (demolisher, vanquisher, conqueror...the list goes on) and several specialist guardsmen squad attachments - such as vox operator and medicae.

The previously scarce count of melee orientated units has been complimented with another Commander unit as well as an elite squad of Comissar cadets, upgradable with power fists. The previous unit restrictions on Ogryns have been rescinded in the apocalyptic nature of the mod, allowing you to deploy many of these brutish but effective soldiers.

Another noteworthy addition is the Doctrine system: after the Regimental Command tier is reached, the player may choose between the Armour Doctrine or the Infantry Doctrine. These increase the vehicle and squad cap respectively, and also allow the production of a particular unique squad. For the infantry doctrine the elite Kasrikin Veterans squad becomes available, whereas the Armour doctrine allows construction of the mighty Leman Russ Murderer.

Late tier options include the Baneblade and it's awe-inspiring variants such as the Stormhammer and the Shadowsword.

The Collegia Titanica also offers its support to the Imperial guard, and late tier options for the guard include the Warhound and Reaver class Titans.

Truly, now more than ever, the inexhaustible forces of the Imperial Guard can weather all storms, and annihilate all who threaten the Imperium.

Tau Empire

"Our tanks were useless. As soon as we broke cover, their battlesuits' heavy guns were locked on to us. I swear it was as though they had someone nearby aiming for them before they shot. And when they did shoot...Emperor's mercy! Their guns punched through our armour like it was paper. all I could see were trails of fire where the projectiles had ignited the air." - Guardsman Cauley, 25th Graian Rifles.

The Tau are a race of precocious high technological prowess, given their youth as a species. They excel at deploying immensely high power ranged weaponry, boasting some of the best ranged infantry in the game, along with some of the most high-powered (if somewhat lowly-armoured) vehicles. Though they may deploy Kroot and Vespid auxiliaries for melee support, Tau is best utilised as a ranged army.

In the UA mod, the player is not restricted to choosing between the combat doctrines of Mont'ka (‘the killing blow' ethos) and Kauyon (‘the patient hunter'), but can choose both if funds permit. This allows a fully advanced Tau army great flexibility and the capability to address all potential foes.

UA introduces many different units, including battlesuits, skimmers, heavy vehicles and aircraft. A titan unit is also available; a great battlesuit of tremendous firepower.

At the cost of a great amount of power, the Tau may also construct shields around their base structures that ward off enemy ranged attacks - however these structures are not protected from melee assaults and this must be borne in mind when spending such a large amount of power resource.
At late tiers, the Tau may construct a great orbital cannon useful for laying down fire on particularly offensive targets, as well as bearing a unique armament that can wreak havoc on enemy aircraft. This cannon can also fire an expensive ‘Ion nuke', the superweapon of the Tau Empire.

There's a whole new range of convincing arguments for the Greater Good...


"That man is beset at all quarters by traitors, mutants and fiends is self-evident. But in truth none of these evils shall be our undoing. When the end comes it will be not at the hand of any mortal being of this or any other realm: death will come at the hands of the ancients, those who determined our fate aeons before we stood erect upon the holy ground of Terra and gazed up into the starry night." - Second book of Admonitions.

The necrons are a faction of soulless killing machines, husks of a once highly technologically advanced people. Now they exist only to cleanse the galaxy of filthy aliens, particularly against their ancient nemeses the Eldar against whom they battled aeons ago.

Traditionally, this faction has been a slow starter but a devastating game ender. This is especially true in UA. When fighting the Necrons, you must defeat them soon or you won't defeat them at all!
The first and most immediately noticeable change to this faction is their starting building. The necrons now start with a large Super generator and must construct their first monolith. The super generator produces scarabs - of both the builder and attack variety. It also contains the last tier of research, tier V - Rise of the Machines.

Power generators are now quicker to construct in general, however do not produce as much power per unit. Builder scarabs may also have 5 members per squad, accelerating the process somewhat. They remain the only unit that can capture points.

Forbidden archive artefacts are no longer limited, and thus the Necron lord can become immensely powerful by the end of the game, however tiers of research are required to access the more potent abilities. One extra ability has been added, that deals great area of effect damage and is excellent for disrupting infantry and vehicles alike!

The Destroyer Lord now also benefits from forbidden archive research, but only one Destroyer Lord may be purchased. Thus the Necrons now have a primary and secondary commander.

Powerful new units have been added, to further compliment the later tiers. The only problem lies in getting that far; once the Necrons have gained momentum, there is little stopping them.

These include 3 titan units: The Gauss Pylon, the Doomsday Monolith, and the Aeonic Orb. The Gauss Pylon is a stationary structure that can be teleported anywhere and is capable of dealing immense damage to all units once primed. It is relied upon for bringing down enemy Titans.

The doomsday Monolith is the true reliable Titan of the Necrons and is a slow moving fortress with firepower that makes the Restored Monolith pale in comparison. It's firepower may be supplemented by an honour guard of siege monoliths, and can utilise different abilities based on Forbidden Archive research.

Finally there is the Aeonic orb: a star that has been pressurised and confined into a fragile container by Necron technology, capable of utterly destroying all in it's way. The only caveat is it's low armour, and an Aeonic orb destroyed in the wrong place can turn a winning battle into an explosive catastrophe.

Late tier abilities also greatly supplement the Necrons armies of death: beacons similar to those deployed in the Dark Crusade on Kronus may be contructed, applying effects such as invisibility and resurrection upon nearby forces.

The superweapon of this army is a gauss annihilator that sterilises an area of impurities with an impressive surge of power, rendering it clean from organic filth.

The Necrons have risen, and it will take more than ever to force them back down again!

Sisters of Battle

"No army is big enough to conquer the galaxy. But faith alone can overturn the universe." - Ecclesiarch Deacis IX

The sisters of battle are the chamber militant of the Ecclesiarchy, the organisation in charge of worship of the Emperor. As such they are pious religious warriors, obsessed with flame and purification of the unclean.

Some consider the sisters (Adepta sororitas) the middle-ground between the Imperial guardsman and the Space marine. Indeed they are still truly human, but encased in power army and given devastating weaponry that a plainly clothed human would struggle to carry. But what really sets these soldiers apart is their undying devotion to the God-Emperor, even compared to Space Marines.

The Faith resource is now produced by every unit in the sisters' army, and more abilities may be used to channel this faith. There are also later tier units that require faith to purchase: for instance, the Living Saints now only require faith resource, however a large sum is required to field these embodiments of holy wrath.

As with all armies, UA increases the variety of units accessible to the Adepta Sororitas' fighting arm, including further commander, infantry and vehicle units. Retributor squads, sentinel walkers and Hospitaller attachments are but a few examples.

The sisters do not have access to titans, however they do have an almost godly unit known as the Arch Angel that may be upgraded to counter any Titan she encounters. This juggernaut gains many abilities, most notably the Inviolable Aura which confers invulnerability on units within a short distance from the Arch Angel (but not the Angel herself).

Should the enemy resist the relentless tirade of warrior-nuns and embodiments of the Emperor's light, they may yet find themselves contending with nuclear weaponry.

The Sisters have developed many new methods of making heretics concerned about their choice of beliefs, or at least the melting point of their flesh.

Dark Eldar

"It is too easy for an Eldar to embrace the obscene virtues of Chaos, for Slaanesh is nothing more than a manifestation of the Eldar mind in its most wild and unconstrained form. Human morality is meaningless to the Eldar, and to the dark side of the Eldar mind all life is to be expended at a whim. Cruelty and generosity are but the impulse of a moment. Beauty and sensuality are virtues that can be expressed in bloodshed just as easily as in song. To an unfettered Eldar mind there is neither sanity nor madness, but merely a wave of perfect existence fulfilled by its own savage momentum." - Ralamine Mung, Ordo Xenos.

The Dark Eldar are a race of beings cursed to eternal doom by Slaanesh. Their nemesis God, a reflection of the sadistic, hedonistic virtues they so passionately represent, lays claim to the souls of all Eldar. While the Eldar live, Slaanesh will tirelessly leech away at their souls, and devour them wholesale should they die.

The Craftworld Eldar found a solution to this in the spirit stones they use to store the souls of their fallen. Their kin the Dark Eldar, however, find drinking the souls of others to be a much more fitting approach. Entirely unrepentant about their vicious and hedonistic society's creation of Slaanesh, they indulge still in a life filled with macabre thrills and sinful decadence. That which they consider to be the perfect marriage of these aspects is War.

The Dark Eldar in UA retain their traditional characteristics: they strike swiftly and they strike harshly. However, in general they cannot sustain as much damage as other races
Their commander unit, the Archon, no longer keeps a retinue at all times, with his stats changed accordingly. At tier 3 an elite unit - the Incubus coven - may be purchased, and is the perfect squad to which your Archon may be attached. You have the option to utilise the two in whatever way you see best, unlike in the standard Soulstorm.

Portals are a new feature, and are similar to the webway gates utilised by the Craftworld Eldar - they can provide stealth and healing bonuses, as well as facilitate rapid transport of infantry. They cannot relocate buildings like their craftworld counterparts, but they do have a defensive mechanism: the crucible of malediction.

Soulstorm is now an ability subject to many upgrades, accessible via the Soul Cage. A large investment of souls is required for these upgrades. Indeed, souls now have various uses: aside from the various abilities which the Dark Eldar may unleash, they may be used to upgrade the soulstorm ability, and to purchase and maintain the Dark Eldar Titan: the Tormentor.

The Tormenter is a mighty titan-sized abomination proficient both with its mounted dark lance weaponry and its razor claws. It costs only soul requisition, but is expensive, and it costs an even larger amount to maintain. The reason for this is its shield. The shield constantly drains while active, and once depleted, the Tormentor loses control and its appetite for souls must be satiated before it may be commanded once more. Theoretically, should a player maintain a large enough soul income, they can field and maintain many Tormentor titans. However, if the player's soul economy is sabotaged, the tormentors fielded may become as much a liability as an asset.

The Dark Eldar superweapon is the soul cataclysm, fired from the Great Kabal Citadel. This citadel may also produce soulstorms to summon at any viewed location. However, as you can imagine, these abilities require a substantial investment of souls.

The Dark Eldar are rightly feared throughout the galaxy. But the enemy will only now know true terror.


"There is a cancer eating at the Imperium. With each decade it advances deeper, leaving drained, dead worlds in its wake. This horror, this abomination, has thought and purpose that functions on an unimaginable, galactic scale and all we can do is try to stop the swarms of bioengineered monsters it unleashes upon us almost by instinct. We have given the horror a name to salve our fears; we call it the Tyranid race, but if is aware of us at all it must know us only as Prey." - Inquisitor Czevak.

The Tyranids are a diverse species of alien that hail from outside of the Milky Way. It is not known from which galaxy they came; but it is certain that they are not welcome in this one.

Tyranids (named for the first planet on which the Imperium encountered them, Tyran) are chitin bound, monstrous creatures that seek only to devour all organic matter, leaving barren husks of planets in their wake. For all its size, a Tyranid assault is a remarkably co-ordinated affair. This is achievable due to a collective consciousness known as the Hive Mind. Almost every tyranid is psychically linked, allowing a horde of billions of creatures to behave as a single entity with unsettling precision.

The Tyranids were introduced to Dawn of War Soulstorm by the Tyranid mod team who have worked for years to bring the extragalactic horrors to DoW1. The mod team kindly allowed the UA mod team to use these assets, and make them into a truly apocalyptic faction.

In UA, tyranids operate in a completely different manner to the original mod. You start a match with two units: a hive fleet and a hive mind.

The hive mind is your builder unit. This unit is not visible; it is a manifestation of the willpower of billions upon upon billions of tyranids. Buildings will automatically form once the foundation has been laid, freeing you to direct your attentions elsewhere.

The Hive mind is your ‘HQ', so to speak. It can be seen as a cloud of spores descending down from space. From this cloud, you can create all units once they have been unlocked, and it is used to create your primary scouts. Genestealers, the Hive Tyrant, and the Broodlord can only be created from a Hive Fleet.

The Hive fleet is the sum of the tyranid's total organic matter available. When units are created, the fleet gains health. When units are destroyed, the fleet loses health. Health may be restored as required by using the requisition-costing ‘Feed' ability of the Hive fleet; requisition may be considered a ‘biomass' resource for the tyranids.

All research is performed via reclamation pools. Not only do these pools perform research, but they generate requisition income. In short; they are your lifeblood. You need spore chimneys (listening posts) in order to construct these.

Tyranids are best known for swarming the enemies with countless small organisms, and then making powerful target strikes amidst the chaos with large, terrifying behemoths. This is very much the case in UA: gaunt based organisms may be mass produced cheaply so as to overrun the enemy or draw fire, while carnifexes and creatures such as zoanthropes may be used to destroy critical targets. There are some general use units also: genestealers fill this role, although they require research available through the Broodlord in order to remain competitive throughout the game. Warriors may be outfitted with various weapon types depending on the needs of the situation, just as a tactical space marine squad would.

The tyranids have many powerhouses that can draw the fire of armies and remain alive; the Hive Tyrant is notorious for refusing to bow down to enemy fire. It may use a catalyst ability to cheat death, and on top of this can sport a bio-shield.

Your Hive Tyrant is customisable, but cannot have every upgrade: you must choose an upgrade for its upper abdominal limbs, and another for its mid-abdominal limbs. This can result in a Hive Tyrant with four devourers, or with a bonesword and barbed strangler! Make your choices wisely.
The Tyranid titan is the Hierophant, a gargantuan beast that can topple the largest of foes. It is particularly effective in melee, but also is gifted with powerful ranged attacks.
The final step to overtaking the planet with your all-consuming horde is to construct a capillary tower: this tower can be used to call down meteors hurled by the fleet from space, or a devastating bio-bomb.

The Tyranids have reached the battlefields of the Apocalypse. And they wish to feed.


"We do not know what our chances of survival are, so we fight as if they were zero. We do not know what we are facing, so we fight as if it was the dark gods themselves. No one will remember us now and we may never be buried beneath Titan, so we will build our own memorial here. The Chapter might lose us and the Imperium might never know we existed, but the Enemy - the Enemy will know. The Enemy will remember. We will hurt it so badly that it will never forget us until the stars burn out and the Emperor vanquishes it at the end of time. When Chaos is dying, its last thought will be of us. That is our memorial - carved into the heart of Chaos. We cannot lose, Grey Knights. We have already won." - Justicar Alaric of the Grey Knights.

His Majesty's Inquisition consists of three separate bodies: the Ordo Hereticus, the Ordo Xenos, and the Ordo Malleus. These orders keep a watchful eye over the threat within, the threat without, and the threat beyond, respectively. Often, it is necessary an Inquisitor to rally an army together in order to fulfil his or her onerous duty.

Many will know that the Ordo Hereticus deploys the Sisters of Battle to purge the heretics, and the enlightened will even know that the Ordo Xenos may recruit elite Deathwatch space marines to cleanse the filthy alien. However very few are permitted to know what forces the Ordo Malleus deploy so as to banish the daemon, and strike down Chaos where none else are capable of doing so.

The Daemonhunters is the name used to describe the military forces utilised by the Ordo Malleus. First among these are the Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, hand-picked amongst the Imperial guard for their prowess and resilience. These troopers have access to excellent equipment and vehicles, and serve their Inquisitor well.

However, where these forces are not enough, the Inquisitor may recruit the deadliest and most secret force available to the Imperium; the Grey Knights. These knights are Space Marines who are also highly gifted psykers, and are put through harshly demanding training even for space marines. They are protected by holy seals, bear special anti-daemon weaponry, and have absolute devotion to the Emperor. There is no record of a Grey Knight ever defecting to Chaos.

The Daemonhunters were introduced to Soulstorm by the Daemonhunter's mod team who kindly permitted their inclusion in the UA mod. Now waging war in the battlefields of the Apocalypse, the Daemonhunters have a robust set of new features.

New units have been added to this faction, including two new types of dreadnought and two new types of Grey Knight squads.

The Inquisitor is the primary commander, who can be upgraded via the Librarium with various health and ability upgrades. He rallies the stormtroopers and directs the battle for the first two tiers.
However, should the battle escalate (as it inevitably does in UA) the Inquisitor will have no choice but to call in the Grey Knights. Quickly assuming command will be your secondary commander, the Grey Knights Commander. This hero is an absolute melee powerhouse and his damage against daemons is a sight to behold.

He may be complimented by Grey Knights, grey knight interceptors, a command squad of elite grey knights, grey knight terminators, various types of dreadnought, and Land raiders.

These above are the best generalist units in the game. Each of the grey knights is proficient at both melee and ranged, although certain units will have a clear preference. For instance the interceptors and terminators are best left to slice through daemons up close.

Collegia Titanica support for the Daemonhunters is also available at late tiers, the Warhound and Reaver titan classes making an appearance on the bloodiest of battlefields. Should even this not prove enough, nuclear weaponry and ultimately an exterminates may be deployed.

The hideous abominations of the warp shall be naught but a dark stain on the battlefield once the Daemonhunters have delivered their fury.

Chaos Daemons

"The creatures of the Warp are just "aliens" too, but they are not life forms as we understand the term. They are not organic. They are extra-dimensional, and they influence our reality in ways that seem sorcerous to us. Supernatural, if you will. So let's use all those lost words for them... daemons, spirits, possessors, changelings. All we need to remember is that there are no gods out there, in the darkness, no great daemons and ministers of evil. There is no fundamental, immutable evil in the cosmos. It is too large and sterile for such melodrama. There are simply inhuman things that oppose us, things we were created to battle and destroy." - Warmaster Horus, prior to his corruption.

Chaos Daemons are a race unique to others in many respects. This race relies heavily on summoned units: most of the forces of Chaos daemons can erupt from the warp into reality at any location the player can see. This lends a manner of unpredictability to these armies, as they can strike from virtually any direction.

Chaos Daemons are not bound by the Marks as the traitor space marine legions are, and can utilise the ruinous powers to the whim of the player. A Bloodthirster of Khorne may be used to cause an opposing enemy to flee into the range of Horrors of Tzeentch, for instance.

They also sport an economy distinct from all others: requisition is the primary resource, like many other races, however this resource is used to purchase ‘chunks' of daemonic power that may be used to draw stronger units and abilities from the warp.

There are two distinct approaches to forming a chaos daemons army; one approach focuses on a large mass of lesser daemons to build a veritable daemonic army. The other approach focuses using a lot of daemonic power to focus on summoning several Greater daemons and using powerful abilities. There is no ‘correct' method but rather different approaches will be suitable for different scenarios, or to a particular play-style.

The titan unit for the Chaos Daemons is the Soulgrinder, a breathtaking amalgamation of daemon and machine. This titan, unlike many others, is highly proficient at close-quarters combat and will tear all units apart once it has closed upon the enemy.

There will be none who may deny Chaos' might once these daemons have wrought carnage upon the battlefield.


Imperial Guard
(((you will then see a list of multiple superweapons to fire from your Mars Pattern Command. The Mars Pattern command can deepstrike Bane blade super-heavies))) Its not able in GR

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Lord_Cylarne Author

Yes it is able to. Try again. Add like a Stormhammer in garrison and launch it.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

sorry then.And i cant see superweapons in mars pattern command

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Lord_Cylarne Author

...they are there.

Also, did you by any chance restrict game enders via the winconditions? :3 That will make that addon invisible to the player, restricted entirely.

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>Deepstriking Baneblades


INSTALL FASTER YOU STINKING MOD! Thanks for the strategy guides!

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Is there a strategy for playing against the Necrons? Even on easy, I've got to beat them to the super weapons (not easy in and of itself) and in the event that I do not- it's game over. Soul Annihilator doesn't seem to do more than knock building HP down by 80% for about 5 seconds, then minimal DOT. Halp? :P

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Lord_Cylarne Author

The new strategy guide revamp will be completed upon the release date of version 1.72. Stand by. :)

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Lord_Cylarne Author

The guide is done, but now it needs screenies + more love to the eyes of man/woman. On it...

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aw, I so much wanted the classic warhammer races :P

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me too

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I feel so Weak/Noobish to ask you guys but In UA .It seemed with every new release this had become more difficult They are no were near spacemarine bad but in my mind no dought second weakest. The DE (Late game @ least)

Since this is not balance and suggestions I'll try and be brief.

Either Late Game DE are screwed Eventually OR I'm not Playing with them correctly if Not I really Want some pointers Theyr're so Cool but now I feel im not good enough I kick A,S,S with Chaos deamons,Sisters,Necrons and da Orks tho. UA Still the god of DOW Modz

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Do you ever plan to release faction guides/manuals, with detailed information bout each unit? Would be nice to know what is the intended role for each of them, for both roleplay and tactical reasons.

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im having trouble beating the elder no matter what race I use even on standard difficulty I usualy play as imperial guard and I always find myself outnumbered and outgunned any help on how to beat them would be appreciated.

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