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hi all This is a Tutorial that will help you with the basics of the game what will be here soon and the latest Bugs i Fixed

Posted by on - Basic Client Side Coding

First of In The Beginning The Cinematic will play while the orcs and undead get ready for a attack

Lost Warrior=you must protect the base at once their may be hiden waves of attacks that can hut you Pretty badly and if you die dont worry you got an ank
Dwarfs=better to keep some of the units at the Human base and go and Attack the Undead or Ocs
Night Elves=Sneak Attack Them it will be better but keep your birds alive or it will not be easy

Game=You Guys have only 1 ank if all of you die and with the anks the game is lost if you get ovverun with Undead and orcs the game is lost you should w8 30 Minutes till reainforcments Destroy them all

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