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Torque syntax basic setup, as any language was it's own particularity's.

Posted by on - Basic Client Side Coding

I have tweaking a bit with blender but now something for scripting beginners.

Torque syntax is very similar to PHP , so it have that extra advantage for you to be able to make a transaction to Web script. The video is for all though, because programming is almost the same for every language variation, there is some developers that make their own changes to the rule book. This means that others have to learn this small changes to be able to use a programming laguange that is more or less the same, but with small changes.

HTML and CSS is one of the few languages that's programmers come to a common ground, well let's all use the same language which means the same set of rules so that we are able to understand which other. Five points to w3 convention.

The language is one thing the capability's that the language does is another. Though a bit of standardization is happening also in the "realm" of coding, for example with class/objects, arrays, variables declaration and so on...

3 video series on basics 1/3

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