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Various tips, hints, and advice on how to tackle your opponents in [PROTOTYPE].

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Combat tips:
* tanks can be easily destroyed with the blade
* you can tackle helicopters by throwing e.g. cars at them
* you need avoid hunter's frenzied attacks and a direct confrontation and attack them while they are exhausted or you can use long-range weapons and powers, such the whip or the rocket launcher
* armour gives you more durability while worsening maneuverability: choose one tactic suitable for you or your aims (w/o or w/ armour on)
* regular moving is faster when you don't have armour on
* activated visible powers, such as the blade, make your disguise compromised at the very start
* running for a while increases its own speed, that's why running can be faster than gliding (depends on how many obstacles are in your way)
* regular soldiers can be easily beaten with rifles / machine guns (tab/target them, then shoot one by one)
* if your side mission is to destroy heavily defended military base, and you have problems with getting to tanks or they are destroyed too fast, perhaps you should:
1) destroy all detectors around (pinpointing your location)
2) destroy all defence turrets
3) destroy the strike team (regular 'copters are constantly spawning)
4) throw supplies & crates at the military base (target/tab it first)
5) use missile launchers dropped by regular soldiers (just to destroy 'copters or the base itself - you can hide from tank's view by hiding behind a wall)
* hives can be easily destroyed by helicopters from a safe distance, by tanks, or by anything pointed out earlier - they are easy compared with upgraded military bases
* helicopters from side missions disappear when you exit them (in a regular sandbox mode) - that's why you need to avoid to exit them unless they're completely destroyed or not needed anymore
* consuming is faster when done in a stealth way


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