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The north is a dangerous place. Being tribal requires good diplomacy and constant war to keep your people in line.

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White Witch – She is a Tribal leader in the NW section of the main land. You will have 2 unique options available right away. Choose Kriesha’s Aspect allows you to select from 5 options that give you various bonuses and events. However, She is infertile. If you have 500 prestige and less then 3 kids you can choose to create a child. The White witch maybe tribal but she has 19 vassals at the start of the game and there are several feundal holdings in her demense. You get 1500 Undead Soldiers about a minute into the game as an event. You are surrounded by Goblins, Giants, Orcs, Gnolls, and some really greedy humans. War will break out in this area almost immediately between everyone. Which is actually great because a lot of your buildings require prestige to build and you can quickly slowball and claim the whole north west.

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