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Posted by on - Basic Starting a mod

Ok, so you have finished installing the zombie mod 2143, and your eager to shoot some zombies.
Well, there are 2 ways to start the mod. the first is adding a shortcut:
1. Copy your BF2142 shortcut, paste in desktop
2. Rightclick, go to properties
3. Add +modpath mods/zombie
4.apply, and it should work.
Second method:
1. Run Regular BF2142
2. Click the community tab
3. click custom games(or mods)
4. activate/run the zombie mod.

So your in the menu, hearing its awsome music(0.6 and above), not knowing what to do next?
Folow these steps for maximum zombie carnage:
1. Go to multiplayer
2. Click local
3. at the top, click create
4. where you see conquest, swich it to conquest COOP
5. select your maps.
6. Change the rounds per map to 1. Very important.
7. LEAVE the team ratios 50/50.
8. verify settings and run.

Human tips
1. Never try to hold a position. you will be overrun quickly.
2. Keep moving: reload while running, turn, take a knee and shoot, then run. your side arm is best for emergency situations.
3. If playing with friends, make a strategy. one good one is leave the speeder at a easy to reach and evacuate point, because speeders are good for getting out of a tough situation.

Zombie tips
1. stay near cover. humans will cut u down if u try charging. when playing online, with other players, if they are bunkered up, swich to commander and direct the bots to eat them. it works. very well.


Idont get it to work i have Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition
And i started the mod and o chose an map and when i try to join its comes up the teams are full:(

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moi aussi

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