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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, in this Tutorial I'll tell you how you can change Textures with TexMod & Photoshop or an other Graphics program.

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First Step.

Okay, first you start Texmod.
There you can find some Tabs :

- Package Mode
- Logging Mode
- Package Build

Now you press on the second tab called "Logging Mode".
You will find a black frame with a little folder in it on the left upper side,
click on it. A window will appear. Choose the Game .exe
file of the Game you want to edit.
Under the tabsbar there are some options.
tab :
-Draw Control and Texture Info
-Show Texture on upper left Corner
-Replace Texture (with a green Texture)

As the output format choose .BMP or .PNG (which are the best ones)
and "Log with ENTER".
As the output folder take the one you want to have the Textures in.

Press RUN.
Second Step.

When you did this your game should start.
In the upper left corner you should see
a red Text. This are information about the texture
that is chosen at the moment. With PLUS (+) and MINUS (-)
on the NUM part of your keyboard you can choose
the texture. With ENTER you can save them in the folder you
have chosen. Safe the textures you want to edit.

Third Step.

Now your folder should include the textures you've saved.
And there MUST be a texmod.log. This file gives texmod the
texture information. If the file is away you have to do all steps again.
You should backup the files in an "original" Folder.
Now you can change the Textures.

Texmod saves everything in this Folder if there is the Texmod.log
so you should put just these Textures in the Folder
which you want to have in one Pack.

Fourth Step.

Now you open Texmod again.
Press "Package Build" - the last of the tabs.
You choose the Folder in which the Textures with the
texmod.log - file are. Press BUILD and save the Pack.
After that you goto "Package Mode".
Click on the little Folder over the red Cross.
Now choose the Pack you saved.

At the End you Press RUN.

Enjoy your own Mods.
Sometimes You need a Crack for a game
before you can change the Textures.

Thanks for Reading

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