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Command & Conquer: Tiberium Crisis Credits (Updated to C.0) TC Credits is too long, I used Google Translate. =(

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Command & Conquer: Tiberium Crisis Credits

(Not in particular order)

Author: AutoGavy

Special thanks to: Madman_M, Ultraman, gooeY # 106,115ZiLong, SpiderNebula

Mod Edit:

  • AI Editor: Madman_M, AutoGavy
  • GDI, Nod, Scrin, EVA of the Campaign: AutoGavy
  • The original map reset: AutoGavy
  • Map thumbnail reset: AutoGavy
  • Sound effects provided by: AutoGavy
  • Sound Editor: AutoGavy
  • INI original camp write: PurpleExile, AutoGavy
  • Other INI wrote: AutoGavy
  • Platform provides: Zero Fanker, Old Ha, Benz X, Ares Group
  • Game Launcher platform: Rampastring(main x2 maker), The Dawn of the Tiberium Age(main maker), Old Ha(client platform modification)
  • Game Launcher Interface Design, INI Editor: AutoGavy
  • TC logo Video: AutoGavy
  • TC Official Release Trailer: AutoGavy
  • TC Official Release Trailer source video recording: AutoGavy
  • TC C.0 Official Trailer: AutoGavy
  • TC C.0 Official Trailer source video recording: AutoGavy
  • Balance design: AutoGavy
  • Mod Art Design: AutoGavy
  • Mod Plot design: AutoGavy
  • English translator: Winfred Huang
  • About the English Version: English Translation by (C)Winfred Huang(

Author of Campaigns (not in particular order)

  • GDI 01: Topography, Tasks & Scripts: Ultraman
  • GDI 02: Topography: UPcilonDuanPaoDui, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • GDI 03: Topography: 115ZiLong, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • GDI 04: Topography, Tasks & Scripts: Ultraman
  • GDI 05: Topography: 115ZiLong, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • GDI 06: Topography: 115ZiLong, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • GDI 07: Topography: 115ZiLong, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • GDI 08: Topography: SpiderNebula, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy

  • Nod 01: Topography: gooeY # 106, Task & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • Nod 02: Topography: KuaiShanZhiXing, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • Nod 03: Topography: 115ZiLong, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • Nod 04: Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • Nod 05: Topography: gooeY # 106, Mission & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • Nod 06: Topography: 115ZiLong, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • Nod 07: Topography: gooeY # 106, Mission & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • Nod 08: Topography: SpiderNebula, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy

  • Scrin 01: Topography: DexterBell, Mission & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • Scrin 02: Tasks & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • Scrin 03: Topography: HanFangXu, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • Scrin 04: Topography: 115ZiLong, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy

  • End 01: Tasks & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • End 02: Task & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • End 03: Topography: SpiderNebula, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • End 04: Task & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • End 05: Topography: Ultraman, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • End 06: Topography: JuXieLaoJiao, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • End 07: Topography: 115ZiLong, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy
  • End 08: Topography: SpiderNebula, Ttriggers & Scripts: AutoGavy

Author of materials, such as shp, vxl and so on (not in particular order)

Elite Firehawk
Firehawk (ZOCOM)

Orca (ZOCOM)

Truck (Cargo)
Luxury car
Car (black)
Car (box type 1)
Car (box type 2)
Small truck (Dongfeng type)
Small truck (pickup type)
Civil transport aircraft

Ween Tesla
pipbrd bloodline
Gat gun tank turret
Gat gun turret
Magnetic storm tank
Horror robot

AutoGavy (me) Notice: Do not modify and use this Mod and use my own material without my consent
Titan MK2
All icons (except the original ones)
Shock tank
Mammoth tank
Reflex shield tank
Spartan tanks
Rhino (not deployed)
Rhino (deployed)
Missile tower
Guard turret
Day hit the cannon
Falcon rocket
Focus on the light gun
GDI bunker (including upgraded version)
GDI outpost
Thunderstorm clouds posted (land state)
Thunderstorm cloud stickers (flight status)
Assault four-wheel drive
Attack motorcycle
Spider tank
Invisible tank
Flame tank
Drilling to destroy the gun
Aftershock (not expanded)
Aftershock (expanded)
Nod bunker (including upgraded version)
Missile cabin
Bright stone
Flame column
Incinerate the gun
Temple of Nod
Borehole snake turret
Interference tower
Crystal shield
Lancet repair machine
Magic lizard king
Leviathan support ship
Medusa support ship
Vertigo bomber
GDI power plant
GDI mine
GDI Barracks
GDI Arsenal
GDI Technology Center
GDI cranes
Nod cranes
Nod airport
Nod Institute
GDI research center
Nod Communications Tower
Nod generator
GDI mining car
Nod mining car
Ion cannon control center
All camp flag icon
All camp encounter battle loaded map
All camp tasks load map
Scrin absorption tower
Scrin Power Plant
Scrin Stargate
Scrin entrance
Scrin Institute of Confinement
Scrin gravity stabilizer
Scrin crane
Scrin signal transmitter
Scrin Scientific Assembly Factory
Mechanical hives
Devourer tank
Walking cannon
Shield mining car
Planetary Assault Aircraft Carrier
Planetary Assault Aircraft Small Aircraft
Destroy the battleship
Three destroy armor
Photon gun
Plasma air defense system
Wind column
Crack generator
Scrin Maneuvering Outpost
Scrin outpost
Scrin radar chart
Various game surface (GUI)
Armed squad
Heavy machine soldiers
Black hand
Holy Spirit
Regional law enforcement officers
Regional leader
Regional Defense Force
Regional combatant
Regional Light Marines
Regional surprise soldiers
Awakened (including dying condition)
Assault bus
Forsaken iron back
Organ beast
GDI special forces
Semi-mechanical special forces (including broken legs state)
Mutant hut
Air defense turret
Giant turret
Tiberium ore mining tower
GDI heavy factory
Spartan tank residual turret
GDI crawler
Nod Creeper
Tiberium ore storage well (GDI)
Tiberium ore storage well (Nod)
MARV (including damage status)
Regional crushers
Pitbull (ZOCOM)
Predator tank (including upgraded version)
Armored personnel carriers
GDI wall
Anti-aircraft gun group
Sound wave tower
Scorpio tank
Raiders four-wheel drive (including upgraded version)
Assault motorcycle
Flame tank (Kane's Seal)
Base Platform (Scrin)
Venom fighter (including upgraded version)
Beam cannon
Laser tower
High-tech research and development center
GDI Air Force Builder
Cutting tower
Kane's voice
Invisible tower
Ground turret
Main menu GUI
Kane's Seal of India
Wind driven
Nod Outpost
Mechanical bee
Invisible Tank (Kane's Seal)
Redeemer Building Center
Raiders soldiers
Lightning Tower
Calculators (bunker status)
Bright Stone (Kane's Seal)
Fuel supply station
Tiberium ore storage warehouse
Grenade team
Kane's voice aperture
Missile squad
Armed rocket soldiers
Nod heavy transport aircraft
Sniper squad
GDI tunnel
Nod underground tunnel
Artillery beacon
Intelligent biochemical soldiers
GDI airport
Rocket mining car
Giant drill bit
Mantis tanks
Discarded steel
Disused materials
Ammunition warehouse
GDI radio station
GDI Command Center
GDI underground tunnel
Nod heavy factory
Nod Air Force Builder
Doomsday bombers
Scrin sends cracks
Black Hand Force (Kane's Seal)
Mechanical centipede
Mechanical centipede aircraft
Redeemer (including damage status)
Eradication of insect A
Armored magician
Victory & Failure interface
High-explosive barrels
Concrete bunker
Balance the shield
Nod hovercraft
Great Shrine
Statue of Brother Maggie
Statue of Brother Maggie (2)
Nod fortress
Mammoth tank (including upgraded version)
Nod Institute
Ion Shield Research Center
Nod Architecture (Great Shrine Battle)
Nod large walled (Battle of the Great Shrine, including the ruins)
Brother Maggie's van
Civilian transporter
Tiberium research facility
GDI Secret Research Institute
Abandoned iron box
Holy Spirit Fighter Armor (Kane's Seal)
GDI vault
Kane's India control node
Kane's Seal Control Node (2) S.
GDI pulse jammer
Scrin delivers the ball
Scrin light ball projectile
Scrin ball projectile 2
Cannonball shell
Bullet shell
Force field generator cover
Peacekeeping infantry
GDI mines
Forsaken bunker
Fragment Mech
Death three foot machine
Scrin fence
Arcus (2)
Rain (white)
Rain (blue)
Rain (white, wind-affected)
Rain (blue, wind-affected)
Shoot the soul division
Nod wall
Nod billboard
GDI billboard
Road sign
Street lights
Mission goal indicator
Load progress bar
Mother ship
Tiberium suppressor
Bridge repair cabin
Scrin tower
Giant Thai mine
All wreckage
Vertigo Bomber (Kane's Seal)
Various Buff circles
Fire Eagle
Radar chart beacon signal
Intruder (land form)
Intruder (flight form)
Broken Crystal Explorer
Broken crystal photon gun
Broken crystal air gun group
Upgrade dark blue fragments: broken crystal Explorer
Upgrade dark blue fragments: broken crystal photon gun
Upgrade dark blue fragments: broken crystal air gun group
Machine gun fire animation (small)
Machine gun fire animation (large)
Bunker (ZOCOM Riflemen)
Nod mines
Abnormity spike
Space Battleship (including damaged state)
Space Battleship (Unfolded, including Damaged)
GDI large airborne positions
GDI medium-sized airborne warehouse
Nod Large Drilling Bit (Transfer Unit)
Nod Medium Drilling Bit (Transfer Unit)
GDI crawler deployment signal
Nod crawler deployment signal
Alien spacecraft deployment signal
Nod Engineer
Shadow Team (including flight status)
Power outage sign
Ion Shield Generator
Phase field generator
Alien control center
Hammer helicopter
Space hunter
Bulls transport aircraft
Advanced turbine
Tiberium liquefaction core
Scrin maintenance bee
GDI repairs drones
Nod repairs drones
ZOCOM mobile base car
Kane's India mobile base car
ZOCOM base
Kane's Indian base
Scrin architecture death animation
GDI, ZOCOM architecture death animation
Nod, Kane's Seal of Death building animation
All vehicle death animation & debris
_D units
Rattlesnake launch platform, rattlesnake
All upgraded unit models
All upgrade plug-in model
All beacons, signals
Liquefied Tiberium transport
Black hand troops exit
ZOCOM troops are exported
Tiberium Green Ore
Tiberium Blue Ore
Non-TS mines (blue and green)
Destroyer Mothership (including wreckage)
Space Scout
GDI large port, GDI large battleship
Sword text animation
Invisible generator
GDI Heavy Air Fortress Arcus text animation
All shields
Crack space
Suppressor laser
Investigator (GDI)
Investigator (Nod)
the Avengers
And C.0 update and remade new materials: Remade all aircraft, structures, infantry models, new pips. There are a bunch, do not write cuz I am lazy.

=FD= SecondDatke
Crack swirls
Space battleship explosion animation
Mammoth tank track artillery explosion animation

Radar UI of campaign factions(AutoGavy modified a bit)
Battle loaded background illustration

Apocalyptic tank

Mind control car
Phantom tank

New palette explosion animation (gensmkexplo.pal)
Phase explosion animation
Scrin Heavy Industries animated
A phase field animation attached to the unit
The veins detonated the final explosion animation
Rhino, ghost, giant turret explosion animation
Small explosion that unit of smoke explosion
Stinger explosion animation
Thai nuclear missile green explosion animation

pumpkin lantern

Ween Tesla & DeepRed
GDI road signs

GDI small airborne bunker ultra-small code and a small airborne warehouse material
Special Forces (ZOCOM)
Special Forces (Kane's Seal)
LoveLive! Video
Bad Apple! Video
Mother's attack beam

Zerg Kete
GDI radar chart
Nod radar chart

Nuclear bomb animation
Ionic Cannon Blue Explosion Animation
Cracked animation that explodes on the ground
Upgraded Assault 4WD Explosion Animation

Drilling to destroy artillery explosion animation
Maintenance aperture (small)
The last ion gun beam

Tiberium transport aircraft

Ricardo Vega

Thanks to all who helped me

Mod time: 2011-2018

--- Edit by AutoGavy on Jan 29th, 2018

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