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Reference for the players who have Snitch User status.

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SWAT4 Snitch Mod
Snitch User Reference 3


You can use Snitch User Client to make things easier. To do so, type in Chat "*suc*" for your first join as a User to the server.

6 Snitch User Client (User Client)

Users can use Snitch User Client.
Before using your User Client, you have to manually set the switch, to tell the server that you use User Client, for your first join as a User to the server. To do so, Type in Chat, *SUC*. In seconds after your call, USER button should appear at the bottom of your game screen. If not, something went wrong.

7 Configure SwatGui.ini for USER button

You have to configure SwatGui.ini in "System" directory in the root directory, to make USER button appear in your game screen. Make sure that you've made a backup copy of SwatGui.ini before the configuring. Read "Read me.txt" in the Snitch User Client folder, and follow the instructions written there.

8 Modify Button Script

You can add new button script by editing a few lines in SwatGui.ini

Search for "User CFG" in SwatGui.ini, first. You can find the lines like below, and edit them.


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