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Reference for the players who have Snitch User status.

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SWAT4 Snitch Mod
Snitch User Reference 2


Configure your User.ini like below so that you can use one of the most useful key scripts in your tactical gameplay.

F, G keys recommended:

F=teamsay *you*
G=teamsay *move there*

NumPad5=teamsay *you**,**out of the way*

3 Stats Points (SP, sp)

The mod records player's play, evaluates it, and outputs it as the Stats Points, the score.
This Stats Points system values a team play and an action to arrest suspect, on the Coop game mode.

3.1 Stats Tracking

Your Stats are saved in the server.

4 Commands In Chat

You can use command script in Chat.
There are 2 types of the commands which you can use in Chat.

A. Preset commands

This type of the commands are,

AI related


Used to lock on to an AI.
Call this command while pointing at an AI. A Lock-on-target will be reset after a few seconds.

*Move there*

Used to tell an AI, which you locked on in advance, to move to the location where you point at.

*Out of the way*

Used to tell an AI, which you locked on in advance, to get out of your way.

*Move to lightstick*

Used to tell an AI, which you locked on in advance, to move to the location where you marked by a glow stick. You can't set a far point.

*Compliance info*

Used to check who arrested the AI which you point at.


*try door*

Used to check the lock of the door.

*pull door*

Used to pull the door

Mission related

*cant secure evidence*

Used to request the server to secure the glitched weapons.

*mission done*, *mission success*

Used in "Game mode Rush" and "Game mode Smash and Grab Coop".

Voice commands

*deploying c2*
*picking lock*
*no targets*, *nvs*
*one suspect*, *sus*
*cant do that*
*copy that*
*grenade ready*
*roger*, *rgr*
*with you*
*watch your fire*
*bla bla*


B. Kick commands

*cc*, etc...

For exmaple, "*cc* inventory"

4.1 Configure User.ini

If you configure User.ini with your command script, you can call multiple comamands by 1 key.

For example,

F=teamsay *you*
G=teamsay *move there*

With this settings, you can tell a suspect or a hostage to move into the location you point.
(Point at an AI and hit F key first, and then point at the locaion and hit G key)

NumPad5=teamsay *you**,**out of the way*

With this setting, you can tell AI to move out of the way.
(Point at an AI and hit Num key 5)

NumPad3=teamsay *cc* inventory.cmd gnodec detonate

With this setting, you can trigger a decoy to detonate.

5 Other Commands

*cc* LockChat

Used to lock your chat screen. This is useful when you are reading old chat text using the arrow keys.

*cc* UnlockChat

Used to unlock your chat screen.

*cc* Health

Not that useful but you could know if you are to die at the next hit.

*cc* WhereAmI

Useful when you are searching for the weapons left behind at the location where the server informed.

*cc* Lot

Used to generate random number and show it on the screen


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