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Reference for the players who play Infiltrator in Team Campaign Coop game mode.

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SWAT 4 Snitch Mod


Team Campaign Coop: Infiltrator

Infiltrator, a Specialty

Specialty-Infiltrator is designed for the players who like lone wolf play. If you are one of them, I hope you can handle some difficult situations and enjoy them with this Specialty.
Here, some examples you can check - in some expected situations, what this specialty offers, and how you can deal with those situations, using this Specialty.

1. Preparing

Add yourself to Snitch User list

So that you can use "Commands in Chat" feature.

Key config in User.ini


  • Some key for teamsay *you*
  • Some key for teamsay *move there*
  • Some key for teamsay *you**,**out of the way*
  • Some key for teamsay *you**,**move to lightstick*

Infiltrator Special

  • Some key for teamsay *raid*
  • Some key for teamsay *clayshot*

2. Ideal Equipment

If you have a silenced gun as primary weapon you can perform major actions of Infiltrator class. You can choose the ammo which can deal less damage to the soft target.

3. Situations


No making noise. Yell only if you must. Turn on the flashlight of the gun only if you must. Have your silenced gun ready in your hands.

When you deal with a disobedient civilian

You can use *raid*, and keep silent.

When you see a suspect's back

You can use *raid*. Make sure there are no suspects which can see you around, and then approach from the behind real quick.

When you cannot see a suspect's back

A. You can aim at floor/wall/an object and shoot to attract the suspect, and hide yourself. You may need to wait enough time (more than 5 seconds for safe after the suspect reached the point which you hit at) until you reveal yourself.

B. You can use *clayshot*, aim at suspect's right hand/left hand/right leg/left leg and shoot. If you expect a weapon drop, aim at right arm.

B-1. When the suspect didn't know about you (never has seen you), and you are close enough to the suspect: You can use *raid*. Make sure if you are safe to approach the suspect after your Clayshot hit, and make sure you can get to the location of the suspect in time.

B-2. When the suspect already knew you: Yell. If the suspect didn't comply, you can shoot limbs again if you want to trigger the moral drop of the suspect.

When you have to deal with a suspect, face-to-face

You can aim at right hand and shoot for a weapon drop. Or you can shoot at hands/legs for the moral drop. Or you can aim at head and shoot for an instant kill.

You can find a cover and hide yourself behind it. After performing lean action, point at the suspect asap and shoot, and then hide again quick enough (few seconds) to avoid the hit. Eclipse tells you the result of your pointing test only when you've succeeded the test. If you failed the pointing test, hide behind the cover and wait the time (a few seconds) at which you can have the pointing test again. If you are too close to the suspect, if you had negative stats points(sp), this ability cannot work for you.

When the suspect saw you

If you hide behind the cover completely and the suspect cannot see you, you can hide yourself from the suepect.

When you open the door

You can open the door silently

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