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Start ISP using the "map" command.

Posted by on - Intermediate Installers

Start ISP using the "map" command in the developer console.

map c8m1_apartment (to start L4D1)
map c1m1_hotel (to start L4D2)

This is only required the first time you start a game, once you properly started ISP you will be able to choose a campaign by pressing F10.

To uninstall ISP:

1 - start the mod and restore the crosshair with the "6" key, quit
2 - remove the .vpk from the addons folder
3 - start the game and reset keyboard to default from the game menu
4 - (optional) if you forgot step 1, type "sv_cheats 1" followed by "crosshair 1" in your console, then type "sv_cheats 0"

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