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This tutorial attempts to explain to you how to make bots for skins. It assumes you know everything from part 1.

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Skining for Newbies: Part 2

Making skins is all good and well. But if a skin is really good, then won't you want to be able to blow it up with a rocket launcher? Bots are an important part of skinning - they enable you to fight them.

We've made our skin, let's make a bot:

Making a bot is really easy. Say we've made a skin for Biker called Fatso. Making him fightable is simple. Make a new file with Notepad++ or any other text editing program :

name DINGO-Fatso
funname ^1Fatso
model biker/fatso
color1 4
color2 1
aifile bots/biker_c.c

name - The title of the bot in the bot menu. The reason I have the word DINGO in front of the name is because people use many custom made-bots. There is bound to be another bot titled fatso out on the net and if both are put into the game, the bots will clash with each other. PUt a signature infront of the bot name to make it less likely to be repeated.
funname (optional) - This will change what the bot's name is in-game. Putting ^ and a number in front of it will change the colour of the name. Use only numbers from 1-8.
model - This selects the player model that we want the skin to use. If you want to select a certain skin, put a backslash and the name of the skin on the end.
color1 (optional) - The numbers 1-8 select the colour of the beam from the railgun.
color2 (optional) - The numbers 1-8 select the colour of the imact decal from the railgun.
aifile - The name of the ai file the bot uses. AI files are in the directory botfiles/bots inside pak000.pk3.

Fatso, using the ai file biker_c.c, acts exactly the same as Biker.

Save the file as (x being what ever name you want). Make a folder titled scripts. Put into scripts and add it to your skin's .pk3 file.

Making your own bot:

If you want to make your own unique bot, go into the directory botfiles/bots in pak000.pk3.
Take one set as an example. For instance, Biker's AI collection:


Open biker_c.c with Notepad ++ or another good text editor.

The different values in the file give the bot different characteristics. We won't go over them in detail, but with each different skill level, you should aim to make the bot more deadly. This means increasing aggressiveness, lessening talking, increase camping ect.

Do this with x_i.c and x_w.c (x being the name of your bot).

Open biker_t.c.

This is the chat file for biker. Substitute every copy of "biker" with the name of your bot. Again, we're not going to explain all the lines in detail, as they are self explanatory. Just make sure any line they say starts with quotation marks and ends with quotation marks and a semi-colon.

When finished, rename the files to the name of your bot.


Put the files into the folder botfiles\bots and add botfiles into your skin's .pk3 file. Finally add the name of the AI files you added into the bot file. Make sure to make it bots/x_c.c (x being the name of the bot).

name DINGO-Fatso
funname ^1Fatso
model biker/fatso
color1 4
color2 1
aifile bots/fatso_c.c

Add it to scripts and save it.

If You Did It Right:

Congratulations! You can now kick the crap out of your skin. Thanks for reading my tutorial.

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