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Simple guide to make map for Halloween Mod. I will back to work in September.

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ce_spawner - entity spawner
hwn_boss_target - boss spawner
hwn_gift_target - gift spawner.
hwn_item_pumpkin - pumpkin item.
hwn_item_spellbook - spellbook item.
hwn_npc_ghost - Ghost NPC.
hwn_npc_skeleton - Skeleton NPC.
hwn_npc_hhh - Horseless Headless Horsemann NPC.
Game Rules:
hwn_bucket - bucket for pumpkins. should contains 'team' param.
Props and Effects:
hwn_ambient - random ambient emitter.
hwn_prop_explosive_pumpkin - explosion pumpkin.
hwn_prop_jackolantern - Glowing Jack-o'-lantern.
hwn_prop_vortex - Vortex prop.

All NPC and Items should be wrapped into ce_spawner (will be deprecated in new version).

How to make spawner of entity:

Create ce_spawner entity.
Add ce_name param and write custom entity classname to spawn.
Add delay param and write time to next spawn of item (float). If value not exists or equal to 0.0 then entity will be spawn only once per round.
Impulse param (float) - drop velocity.
First flag of spawner disable check of collisions before spawn.

Map rules and advices:

Map should contains bucket for each team.
Map should contains spawner of pumpkins.
Map should contains gift spawners.
Map should contains npc spawners.
Map should contains boss spawner.
All pathways to bucket should cross middle of map or just have to be dangerous.
The basket should be a little further from the team spawn (7-10 seconds of run).
Traps will be nice.

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