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Easily setup a dedicated server for CD-Retail Half-Life or any of supported games/mods using the Pre-configured HLDS Virtual Machine .Please note that this method will only work for Ubuntu Server 10.04.1

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1. You can download a free version of Vmware ESXi 4.1 (running on a dedicated computer) or Vmware Server and install it on a Windows or Linux machine.

2. Deploy the HLDSVM image on your vmware product.
(Use OVA for ESXi and VMDK for vmware Server/workstation)

3. Configure your virtual Network interface to connect to the appropriate network.

4. Once the machine is booted, using your VMWare console, you will see the Welcome GUI. If you have a DHCP server in your network you will see the IP of your virtual machine in this GUI. If you don't have a DHCP server in your network, configure your network settings using this GUI.

5. Connect to the wed administration page of your appliance using the following credentials and address:


User: root
Password: change2new

Now configure
- Your system settings (time zone, hostname..)
- Your networking settings

4. Connect to the virtual machine using SSH with a client such as putty and use the following credentials:

User: hldsvmuser
Password: change2new

5. Change your root and hldsvmuser password using the following command:
# sudo passwd root
# sudo passwd hldsvmuser

6. Edit your rcon password using the following command:
# sudo nano /hlds/hlds_l/cstrike/server.cfg
Exemple: rcon_password "myrconpassword"

7. Edit your server name using the following command:
# sudo nano /hlds/hlds_l/cstrike/server.cfg
As a suggestion you could use the HLDSVM tag in the description.
Exemple: hostname "BE HLDSVM CS 1.5 Dafttitan's Server"

8. Reboot the virutal machine using the following command:
# reboot now

Congratulation, your HLDS CS 1.5 server should be now up and running. If you would like so; NAT it (default port 27015) on the Internet and let see if players connect to it and enjoy it :)

Download here :

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