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very nice mod yeah i can done this mod only in next year D:

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Some of our problems seem to become permanent, and today we're going to advertise the vacancy (probably temporary) of a model operator. Yes... Again. It becomes evident that we still don't have a person who can perform the needed tasks. There are always problems with experience, laziness or software that is used. That's how it goes.The situation is so extreme - we are not able to release Hatch 18 on time - that we won't object to hire foreigners if they know English and are responsible at work. If you want to fill the vacancy of our model operator, here are the main requirements:

  • Well-run and correctly working software needed for export as well as editing the models.
  • Ability to work with any forms of the models, including the rough, winding surfaces.
  • Ability to transform some simple prefabricates from VHE to .mdl models (such transformations are needed for economy of brushes on the location while reproducing of buildings' detailed elaboration).
  • Ability to create a detailed collision fully complied with the forms of the model.
  • Responsibility and regularity.

P.S. Work is not regular; we determine the frequency of new orders by ourselves, as it depends on the working situation.

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