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This is an article which will teach you how to create your own script for WDC

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WDC is a scriptable game app which allow you to create your custom script, this article will teach you how to create your own script for this app

You need to follow these steps if you want to create your own script

1. Create your custom script class inherit from WDCScript

For example, you have a project named CustomScript, you need to make this class inherit from WDCScript like this:

class CustomScript : WDCScript

2. Implement the methods

There are four methods you need to implement in your Custom Script class yourself:

  • BeforeRunScript
  • Init
  • Update
  • SetRenderPanel

3. Run

Once you finish writing your codes, compile it into a dll and copy it into the Wardeclarer Scripts folder

After that, double-click the wardeclarer.exe and your script will showup in the script selector if your script dll is correct

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If you have any problems about running or scripting, feel free to post comments

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