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Day or night. Scavenging will turn out to be a difficult task. Your ammo may not last, your party could be wiped out. You must choose carefully on what to do in Fort Half-Life for every decision will impact survival.

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If you are hunting by day. Then it will be EASIER for you. There's less zombies during the day. There's no raiders. There's more supplies.

If you are hunting by night. Then it will be HARDER for you. There's more zombies during the night. There's raiders. There's less supplies.

Ok basically you just need to find a place you want to scavenge and locate supplies in there. Press the use button and you will inspect the item and see if it's any good. Press T for time, so you can keep track of it. Press M for map so you can see what the town looks like (it won't display where you are though since in reality maps DON'T). Press B to access the options menu and command your party to scavenge, defend, retreat, or go in guns a blazing like it's COD. There are different types of things to be scavenged whether it's ammo, guns, barricading supplies, fuel, or food. Below is a list of what is in the mod so far, and is still being worked on.

So far there's little ammo and weapon types. Just the pistol and shotgun.
12 G

So far there's little ammo and weapon types. Just the pistol and shotgun.
Pistol (Low damage, quick fire rate, common weapon)
Shotgun (High damage, slow fire rate, uncommon weapon)

So far it's the crowbar only
Crowbar (Medium damage, quick attack rate, rare weapon ONLY player can use it and is given at start)

Barricading Supplies
You REQUIRE all of them to barricade
Hammer (1 barricading unit)
Boards (3 barricading units)
Nails (3 barricading units)

Needed for generator and other needs
Canister (between 1-20 fuel units random each time)

A big boy's got to eat hm? :P
Nuts (1 food unit)
Can Soda (1 food unit)

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