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A simple solution to increase scripter memory when receiving an error message stating that enough scripter memory is not present, and must be increased for 3DS Max8.

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So, now you can import .alo models, but upon trying to import that really huge model you've been thinking of editing all day long, you receive this error message:

"Runtime Error: Out of scripter memory- use options to increase"

So the Question Is: What does that error message mean? How do I "use options to increase" What "Options" are they talking about and what do I need to do to get 3DS Max to stop giving me that message and just import the file as I have requested?

This is an easy fix.

3dsmax sets aside a set amount of memory for use in scripts, the import plugin you are using is one such script. Load the Listener window (press F11) type "heapsize" and push enter and it will show how much memory is being allocated for use in scripts.

To increase, type "heapsize += 10000000" where 10000000 is the amount of bytes to increase by. You can't decrease, reloading 3dsmax will set the assigned memory to default. Don't increase the memory too much, I think default is about 20 meg, try increasing it by 10 meg at a time and importing the file. You could add the heapsize command to a startup script so you always have more memory for scripting purposes, but this leaves less memory for actually working in max.

After typing this command twice, you should be able to import any model you need.

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It's a very good idea to publish your solutions. And now this idee is dead? Or it's posted on a forum ? i'am interested in it!

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