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Hello friends! As we added lowest setting support we have to say that...

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Hello friends!
As we added Lowest Setting support,you need to configure the game first!
You have to modify the Texture Filtering in Options Tab in Video Settings

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From screenshot upwards you can see Video Settings in Options Menu
Put preset "LOW" and change Texture Filtering to Medium
Now the settings should look like this:

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Q: Why we have to put Filtering Settings to Medium?
A: The game screen will turn black,and you will see only shadows and sky.

Q: Why this black screen is happening?
A: Textures and some content were upgraded,and engine cannot render them properly

Q: Which graphics is better to apply for Extension Pack No.2
A: Maximum is the best setting,because you may enjoy the content more

Thank you for giving us attention
See you in another updates!
Half-Way Studios

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