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Here are 10 top tips to help you play Runes of Camelot the best way possible.

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Runes of Camelot Game

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Runes of Camelot!

1. Choose Your Character

Runes of Camelot Tips

• Each character has their own personal storyline and you will follow them on this journey throughout the game.

2. Make Use of the Tutorials

Runes of Camelot

• If you get lost, or don’t understand something, be sure to return to the main menu and check them out.

3. The Basics of Boss Battles

Runes of Camelot Cheats

• You will meet several bosses throughout your quest, who will try to stop you from continuing on your journey. Make sure to match the highlighted Runes, specifically colored, next to your, and the bosses portrait to defeat them.

4. The Basics Behind Explosive Quad Runes

Runes of Camelot Tips

• Matching 4 runes of the same color will create a special rune. Match another 2, or more, runes of the same color with this explosive Rune and the rune will destroy an entire column, or row, of squares. The more Explosive Runes you match the quicker you can complete the levels.

5. Runes = Special Weapons

Runes of Camelot Guide

• When you match colored Runes you add to the Special Weapons count, of that Rune color. Which means, when you match Runes you build up Free Special Weapons. Special Weapons come in very handy when you’re running out of time to complete the level.

6. The Basics Behind Special Weapons

Runes of Camelot Tips

• Make use of the special weapons to the right of the screen. These weapons range in effectiveness, from top to bottom. The Red Special Weapon (at the top) will destroy a single square, whilst the Purple Special Weapon (at the very bottom) will destroy 15 squares. Each Special weapon has a cost in Gold and also range in cost. However, keep matching normal Runes to build up your Free Special Weapons.

7. How to Properly Utilize Rune Blockers

Runes of Camelot

• There are many types of Rune Blockers, from Expanding Ice, Growing Vines, Destructible crate and even Ravens that will try to get in your way and stop you from completing the levels. Get rid of them as soon as you can, some of them are very nasty!

8. The Raven Restrain Minigame

Runes of Camelot Tips

• Catch as many Ravens (black birds) as you possibly can, the more you catch the more Gold you can earn. You can then use this Gold to use on your Special Weapons. Minigames are time-locked, meaning you can only access them every hour.

9. The Potion Match Minigame

Runes of Camelot Cheats

• Make sure you only pick the potion with the same symbols as those in Merlins book. If you pick 3 wrong potions the mixture will fail and you will lose the game. If you correctly match all the potions, and symbols, the mixture will succeed and you will be rewarded with some Free Special Weapons to use in the game levels. Minigames are time-locked, meaning you can only access them every hour.

10. How to Character Swap/Game Restart

Runes of Camelot Tips

• If you want to play as a different character, you can Reset the game to the default, start, settings by going to the Main Menu screen, select Options>Reset Game.

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