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This is a hopefully helpful list of most of the Roflbox 0.5 in-game commands. Some are useful some are just for fun. There is actually more and these will either be posted in a separate tutorial or updated onto this one.

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To use a command you simply use the j, k, or l keys to type in BF2's ingame chat. When you use a commands you can choose to use the @ symbol or % at the start of the command. For the sake of less confusion we use @ here.


@tele (player) -teleports you to the player you name.

@ju (number) -"jumps" you up the amount given.

@jt (number) -sets your height to the given number.

@pet -Makes held object object follow you once you drop it (under construction).

@ask [question here] -lets the server answer your silly questions.

@speak -generates a random and sometimes hilarious sentence.

@delall -deletes all your spawned objects.

@netloadgroup (Group Name) -Loads from the RBX network if not found it attempts the Sandbox network.

@netsavegroup (Group Name) -Saves the group you are currently holding to the RoflBox network.

@netloadPublic (Player Name) (Group Name) -Loads the specified player's named group IF their group has been set to public.

@checkme -Checks to see your status on the server ex. Admin, Dev, or just a player.

@groupall -Groups all objects owned by you into a single group which you can then grab as a group and save using the save commands.

@pset -Sets your current position as the position your portal will take you to on enter.

@portal (radius) -Sets the current grabbed object with the set radius as your portal object. When entering this radius you will be teleported to the set position set in @pset.

Object Animation Commands (Coming Soon)
We will have to make a separate tutorial on this. as it takes a lot more explaining.


To View Commands In-Game



Main Admin Commands

@delalln (Player ID) -Delete all specified player's objects.

@dellallo (ObjectName) -Delete all specified objects with objectname.

@jail (Player Name) -sends player to a jailed coordinate and only spawns them there, keeps them from spawning objects, and using any roflbox commands.

@free (Player Name) -allows player to spawn elsewhere, lets them spawn objects, and allows them to use roflbox commands again.

@setjail -sets jail position to where you are currently standing.

@setjail default -sets current map default jail coordinates to where you are standing (so each time the map is loaded on your server the default jail location is at the position set using this.

@jail (Player Name) perm -perm jails them until @free is used on them even if they disconnect and come back or server restarts they will still be jailed.

@demo_truck -makes dumper kill everything in a 200m radius when destroyed.

@dumper -turns off demo_truck.

@super_nades -sets the GP30 to a machine gun grenade launcher.

@gunsplit (Gun Name) (# of projectile to shoot at once) -makes a gun shoot of its projectile at the same time making it more deadly.

@superproj (Projectile Name) -makes set projectile explosion kill anything in a huge radius.

@supersniper -makes l96a1 shoot missles instead of bullets.

@hawk -makes blackhawk's yaw turn super fast.

@supercar (Object Name) (Sprint Force #) -sets a boost on set vehicle with boosting speed to the # set.

@supercar_ext (Object Name) (Sprint Force #) (b=Boost Coordinates in 0/0/0 Form) -sets a boost on set vehicle with boosting speed to the # set AND sets the boost to push off the location set.

@say (Font Name- big,small,bigname,smallname) (Message) -writes your message at the top in orange writing at the top. Ones with name on the font names puts your name at the beginning.

@puppet (Player Name) (Basic Player Command ju, jt, tele, or chat) (If ju or jt then value # / If tele Player Name to tele to / If Chat then message) -if chat is set sets plyer to say desired text at the top of the screen with their name on it. the other commands causes them to use those commands like make them ju 10 or jt 1 to get them back to earth, or even tele them to a person).

@setweapon (Object Name) (Projectile Name) (Velocity #) (Rounds Per Minute #) -sets a weapon to fire a diff projectile to set velocity and fire rate.

@Game (war, building, building2, city, or suddendeath) -changes the gamemode! war puts health at normal, suddendeath at 5hp, building is infinite health, building2 is infinite health but turns off any potentional smack weapons that could be used to annoy people, city is a special gamemode uber made, he will have to make a seperate tutorial on that.


@carfire (Object Name) -sets an object on fire. also works on ppl if you know the object name for it (SP ONLY).

@careffect (Object Name) (Looping Effect Name) -sets effect to set object (SP ONLY).

@boat (Object Name) -makes set object to drive in water (SP ONLY).

@sub (Object Name) -makes things like the whale (SP ONLY).

@carfly (Object Name) -makes set object like RoflBox's flying tank (SP ONLY).

@carplane (Object Name) -carfly without the verticle takeoff (SP ONLY).

@mp7 -Makes the GP30 completely awesome and have near endless ammo (SP ONLY).

@projedit (Projectile Name) (Muzzel Flash Effect Name) (Tracer Effect Name) (Explosion Effect Name) -allows you to completely redo a projectiles effects (SP ONLY).


i have no admin status on my sigle server, how can i make that i have this status?

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go to this directory: C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\roflbox\Settings, open sandbox.ini and add your name after this;
# The in-game names of the people who are Sandbox Admins, each separated by a comma.
# By default it's the admins on Death by Binary at the time of release.
admins =

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