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This Tutorial will explain the Risen 3D Launcher

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The R3DLauncher is a fully featured launcher and
is contained in the Risen3D distro - please make sure you read the

Quick launch is a simplified version and is
available as a separate download Note: Quick launch is XP and Vista
compatible only.

The Risen3D Launchers are
smart Launchers,
analysing pwad requirements prior to launching. You do not have to specify
an iwad or map number, you can even launch a saved game or launch directly from
a zipped archive. Pwads can be installed to the R3D udir structure from any

Say you have a game called
which contains the files - levels.wad, resources.wad, cool.ded and
mywad.deh. The Launchers will load these files in the correct order,
using the correct iwad, starting at the correct map as well as building
the GL nodes all with one click of the mouse. If using the R3DLauncher
remember to create an auto-loading udir as this option works best in
the majority of cases. The Launchers also have a batch file creation
utility for those who like to launch linked games.

There is a choice of two launchers for what
better suits the needs of the user.
The R3DLauncher is a fully featured launcher
and comes included with the distribution.

Suitable with all operating systems
The Quick Launch
is a simplified version which is suitable for the novice and only available
as a separate download.
XP and Vista
Getting Started with the R3DLauncherWhen you first run the R3DLauncher you may
be prompted to setup your iwad locations, if however you are already using
a Risen3D Compliant Iwad structure or you have the DOOMWADDIR environment
variable set you will not be prompted. If prompted it is essential that you
provide your preferred locations.

Download all your pwad zips into the
C:\Risen3D\R3DArchives folder, from here pwads can either
be launched directly from the zip file or by right clicking on the selected
archive a User Directory ( udir ) can be created. Single map
wads are ideally launched directly from the zip where as larger wads should have a udir

Remember, the user does not have to worry about manually creating udir
structures as the R3DLauncher can perform these tasks, just right
click on any archive ( ) you have stored in your R3DArchives folder.
If more than one wad file ( or deh ) is required to be launched then make sure
you create an auto-loading udir NOT a manual-loading udir.

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