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Add a bone structure to a 3D model to allow him to be animated.

Posted by on - Intermediate Animation

Well the subject of rigging or adding bones was been a topic for some time. Sooner or lather one have to do animations and need a bit of knowledge on how to do this. The rigg bones match the joining point between joints on the "physical body" so that the animation can be equal as possible to real movements.

Found a issue with this tutorial.The X-ray option allow to see the bone rigging throw the 3D model Mesh. If you enable the X-ray option in 2 different objects the X-ray is disable in one of them.

Well is not a Bug, but is a issue that can take it's time to debug.

The ortho view which you can enable under view options is very hard because you need to work in 2 Axis and not in 3, so that is what the Ortho view does only allow 2 axis.

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