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I explain how to install reshade in command and conquer 3 Tiberium wars and how to configure it.

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First: download reshade from the official website

Second: Enter the game folder Command and conquer 3 and copy the file CNC3.exe and paste it into the folder 1.9 that is inside RetailExe

Now everything is ready for you to install Reshade

Run rehade where you have it saved and click on the first option, 
a window will open that will load several files from the pc, 
this does not matter to us, we have to click on Browse

We look for the path of the game and we open the folder retailExe and then we open the folder 1.9, 
we select CNC3.exe, which is our copy and then we have to click on directx 9 and several windows will open 
where we can select the packages that interest us.

If it is the first time that you use reshade, I recommend that you select everything so that 
you can later do your own tests, it takes up very little space.

When you finish the installation you can delete the copy of CNC.exe, we don't need it anymore
If everything went well, when you start the game above, a reshade loading bar should appear, 
if it does not appear, something has gone wrong, 
to open the reshade window we give the Home key, 
in the reshade window there is a small tutorial that explains everything you need
The first thing you have to do is assign the activation of reshade a key that activates and deactivates the filters, 
in the effect toggle key box, well, then we click on Home, 
and surely you have a little explanation of how to use them.
you simply activate the effects you want in the upper window and in the lower window 
you can configure each effect, I will put a screenshot with my configuration in images of the mod,
 if you go deeper you will discover that there is a more practical way to share the configuration of someone else, 
I leave that for whoever has more interest.
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