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This entity removes all weapons specified in its entity window.

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We will start this tutorial with creating a trigger_multiple, placing a target_removeweapons entity in front of it and connect them with each other (select the trigger first, then the target and press ctrl+k):

removeweapon entity connected

As the title says, this small entity removes weapons when the player walks through the trigger. But before the entity effects something you have to type in several things into the entity window ("n"):

entity window\

You always have to create another key for each weapon (weapon0, weapon1, weapon2...) and then define its value with def_weaponx ("x" stands for 0-10). In the example above the player would lose a grenade launcher and the nailgun. The row of the weapons doesn't matter (it can also be def_weapon5 and then def_weapon3). Only be sure that you type in weapon0, weapon1, weapon2! For the weapon categories open the pak001.pk4, then go to the "def" directory and search for the player.def. Scroll down until you see "Player Entity Definition". Some lines downwards you'll find the weapon slots.

def_weapon0 blaster
def_weapon1 machinegun
def_weapon2 shotgun
def_weapon3 hyperblaster
def_weapon4 grenade launcher
def_weapon5 nailgun
def_weapon6 rocket launcher
def_weapon7 railgun
def_weapon8 lightninggun
def_weapon9 dark matter gun
def_weapon10 napalm gun
def_weapon11 portalgun


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