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This is a list of my recommended gameplay-mods that works well with Rebirth.

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LGNPC - Dialogue Only
Adds less generic dialogue responses that help define an NPC's personality.

Visible Mournhold Temple
Makes the Mournhold Temple spires, as well as the Palace, visible from all Mournhold locations.

Mountains of Mournhold
This mod adds a mountainous landscape behind the walls of Mournhold.

Frostmoth Repaired (note that this is not compatible with Solstheim Tomb of the Snow Prince)
This plugin repairs the walls of Fort Frostmoth as the Bloodmoon main quest progresses.

Training Limit
Introduces new limitations to Morrowind's skill training system.
Scroll down the list and find 'Training Limit'. My advice is to pick the esp which allows you to take 5 paid skill training sessions per level.

Lower First Person Sneak Mode
Makes it easier to tell wheater you are in sneak-mode or not.

Quick Char
Let's you skip the tutorial and spawns you in front of Sellus Gravius.

Better Dialogue Font
A high resolution replacer for the Magic Cards font, used in most of the UI - menus, dialogue and the journal.

Shrines - Restore Health and Cancel Options
Adds the option for the players to receive healing from both Temple and Imperial Cult shrines.

Distant Thunder
This simple tweak for Morrowind adds a bit of lead time to thunderclaps after lightning strikes for additional realism.

This plugin adds a visual effect to all vanilla flies sound emitters.

Cave Drips
This plugin adds a visual effect to all vanilla cave drip sound emitters.

Free the Slaves
This mod mod allows you to unlock slave's bracers with lockpicks, scrolls and unlock spells.

Advanced users only (requires latest MGE XE and MWSE)

UI Expansion
Adds more functionality to the UI.

Adds a Fallout 4-style quick loot system to Morrowind.

Descriptive Descriptions
Adds more detailed item descriptions.

Realistic Movement Speeds
Adds more realistic strafing and backpedalling numbers.

Dynamic Difficulty
Adds a dynamic difficulty as the player levels up or moves through the world.

Better Questlist
Allows highlighting and hiding quests in the Journal questlist.

Shrine Tooltips
Adds tooltips with the effect's name to shrines when hovering over the different options.

More Attentive Guards
Adds more realistic guard behaviour.

Easy Escort
Makes followers actually follow you.

Happy Harvesting
Makes changes to the way harvesting works, with autoloot!

Light Decay
Makes the radius of handheld light gradually diminish and eventually go out when the light extinguishes.

Marksman Rebalanced
Makes several changes to how marksmen work.

Ownership Indicator
Adds an ownership indicator when looking at owned objects.

Character Sound Overhaul
Adds new dynamic sounds to the world of Morrowind.


This kinda make me want to compile them together... I've been that a lot lately.

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Do it. And share! :)

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Well, time to reinstal the game.

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Isn't Tomb of the Small Prince incompatible with Fort Frostmoth since there seems to be land changes to that exactly?

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trancemaster_1988 Author

I removed any changes to Frostmoth but might be I forgot something.

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trancemaster_1988 Author

Now I get it, true.

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I wrote small instead of Snow, derp. But yeah, was kinda curious how come that area was slightly changed since there's a town mod I wouldn't mind using with Frostmoth.

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Was wondering if there is any need mod (eat & drink) you could recommend along with the others.

Also would like to know if Correspondances of Morrowind aswell as Less Generic Nerevarine/Bloodmoon/Tribunal are safe to install, since one adds more books and notes to the game and the others act like complex less generic npc

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trancemaster_1988 Author

Nope not really as I haven't used one myself. Probably have to go with a basic needs mod to avoid issues.

As for CoM I have no idea, but LGNPC Bloodmoon and Tribunal should be safe, Nervevarine not so sure.

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So Basic needs should be safe to use?

CoM could be a problem if you changed a number of places/object in the world. As for LGNPC i can give them up for the sake of a stable experience...but Sotha Sil Expanded and quest mods like arena and stuff, do they represent a threat to REbirth stability? :P

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Hey, thanks for guide, you are superb guy!

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