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2.7 changes the aspects of gameplay a lot. These changes require your map to be setup a certain way to allow for the best experience.

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The Biggest change from 2.6 to 2.7 (aka R3) is the economy. The difference being that only centralized buildings generate cash, rather than every building generating a small amount of cash some of the time, a few buildings now generate a lot of cash all of the time. I'll be showing you how to do this, as well as how to add neos automatic experience scripts, which will also remove the supply piles from the map once a game begins. Now, this tutorial isn't going to show you how to make a fantastic map or anything, just how to prepare the economy so the game can be played in the way it was designed.

Step 1; Take your completed map and open it in blitz builder,
Then you'll want to look over the player spawn points, take out the texture tool and make it size 60x60 (100x100 if you intend to add full ai support), and center it over each player spawn. Ensure the area in the highlighted area is relativity flat and free of objects or obstacles. This is because when the game start each faction is given some buildings and units, we wouldn't want these to spawn under a hill or in some water would we?

Step 2; Now the important stuff
Zoom way out so you can see the entire map, goto edit: pick constraint: buildings (ctrl + 1)
Then drag the entire map so that every building is selected, with all the buildings selected, uncheck the "Enabled" box, now none of these buildings will generate income.

Step 3; The real work begins
Zoom back into normal height, and find a building you'd like to generate income, select this building and check the enabled box, this building will now generate income. But how are players supposed to find it? In blitz we mark it in 2 ways, the first is to use a giant flag so you can easily find it in game, and the second is to place a supply pile near it so it shows a "$" on the map preview before you begin the game.
So find a flag, you'll find them in object selection; civilian; structure; Blitzkrieggermanflag. There are other flags for you to choose as well. Now place the flag near or in the structure where you can easily see it. Then you'll want to increase it's health so 1 tank round doesn't blast it, with it selected, hit the box that says "Max HP Default for unit", and enter a large number in there, I usually use 15000 or 20000. You can experiment and find a number that suites you, or make them indestructible if you like. Repeat step 3 several times until there are a bunch of income buildings on the map, I usually place about 8 or so per player so everyone has plenty of money, but not so much they don't have any incentive to attack other players.

Step 4; that was a lot of work, now for the easy part
You'll need neos auto xp scripts for this step, get them at this link Now import the script into your map.
What I like to do is use the same flag for everything to make this part easy, select all the flags on the map, if you used the same one for every building simply select 1 and hit ctrl + m to select all of them. Now go up to edit and click copy, then edit; replace selected, then find in civilian structures, "SupplyPileSmall" and replace all the flags with this. The flags will disappear and supply piles will be left, while they are still selected, add them to team sup. This will insure they are removed from the world once the game begins. then go up to edit and click paste. your flags are now back and in position.

Well thats all there is to it, I'll be adding some images for your convince at a later time (soon maybe). remember to add your maps here when you finish them so we can all enjoy them.


When i clicked "import scripts" worldbuilder crashed -_-

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