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A tutorial on how to properly test the Puzzlr Beta2 running Build 0.8.78330.

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Puzzlr Beta2


This build features a variety of fixes from the previous build, boasts 7 more maps, and the beginning of lighting. The goal of this Beta is to provide suggestions for the next release and to find any bugs we missed from the first Beta. If all goes well, a release candidate will be on it's way. This build includes new materials, new models, new maps, and an updated engine from the previous beta. There was no internal version between Beta and Beta2, though there were multiple stages of Beta2 before we reached this final one.

Download the Beta2 Here!

Known Bugs

This build fixes many of the bugs found in Beta, but there's bound to be some more. We're currently aware of a few bugs. They are as follows :

  • The Gravity Gun sports an unusually large glow.
  • Some cubes on sbx_beta are fully illuminated.
  • Custom commands only work in game.

If you found a bug that isn't here, please report it as soon as possible.
To see what we fixed, type "changelog" in the console while on a server.

Aaron Weiss
Lead Programmer

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