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We made a new Portal 2 multiplayer mod! With loads of new features!!! Made By: vista, kyleraykbs, BumpyAHK, Wolfe Strider Shooter and Sear

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Although you can download this mod from Moddb it is almost definitely outdated and is probably lacking features so we recommend that you download it from our GitHub which is on our steam page

Created By Kyleraykbs Vista BumpyAHK & Wolfe Strider Shooter


  • Nanoman: mapping, scripting, entity help
  • thePineapple: hamachi support

Portal 2 32 Player Mod Lite


  1. Full C# GUI | MultiplayerModGUI.exe
  2. Custom Wait Screen
  3. Player Cap Of 33
  4. Removed Player Collision
  5. Custom player colors
  6. Custom join message
  7. Player disconnect message
  8. Removed game breaking commands!
  9. Full coop campaign support
  10. Partial Gelocity 1 2 & 3 support (ask in discord if you want to use it)
  11. "dedicated" servers!
  12. Linux support (/MultiplayerModFiles/linux)
  13. Support for Windows 10-8.1-8-7-Vista-XP

Join the discord! If you want to beta test need help or want to talk to the community

Installation & Use Video

How To Install

  1. Download the Latest Release From
  2. Go to your games library and find Portal 2
  3. At the left panel right click portal 2 click manage then click browse local files
  4. Drop the files inside the zip you downloaded into your portal 2 game folder

How To Host

  1. Make sure you have 27015 port forwarded on your router (if you want to play with friends online)
  2. Open MultiplayerModGUI.exe
  3. Follow the instructions in MultiplayerModGUI.exe

How To Enable The Console

  1. Open Portal 2
  2. Click "options"
  3. Click "keyboard/mouse"
  4. Change "allow developer console to enabled"

How To Join

  1. Open Portal 2
  2. Press the key above tab that looks like ~ aka tilde to open the console
  3. Type "connect youfriendsiphere" replace "yourfriendsiphere" with your friends ip (they should see their ip in the MultiplayerMod.cmd when they opened it)
  4. Press [ENTER]


Before you do any of this check our FAQ (Scroll Down) to make sure your problem isn't a common one. If you have any bugs/suggestions or you need help join our. Discord server us devs are always happy to help. Or create an issue in the tab at the top.


None so far if you find one report it in the Issues section.


If you know VScript C++ or C# and you think you can contribute to the project in some way please contact me on discord kyleraykbs#3230 or


  1. Q : I can only get three players to join.

  2. A : You probably didnt install the mod right make sure that you put all the files in the zip you downloaded into steamapps\common\Portal 2\ then run MultiplayerMod.cmd

  3. Q : How do I make sure I have the mod installed

  4. A : Run MultiplayerMod.cmd follow the steps once your at the "Waiting For Players" screen open console and type "maxplayers" if it says maxplayers = 33 the install worked windows bad uwu

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