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This is a small tutorial that will explain you how to Install a temporary Program that will support Portal 2 for the Oculus.

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Hey there, I now have the Oculus Rift and I've been testing a lot since then. Valve didn't included Portal 2 to the official supported game on the Oculus. I decided to look on the Internet for a third party mod that is easy to understand and easy to use.


  1. Download Perception
  2. Export it anywhere on your computer, go to \Perception\bin and Run Perception.exe
  3. Set the config to Oculus Rift and Oculus Track.
  4. keep Perception open and play any supported game


  • Half-Life 2 (Great)
  • Left4Dead (Great)
  • Left4Dead 2 (Great)
  • Dear Esther (Great)
  • Live for Speed (Great)
  • Antichamber (Good)
  • Dishonored (Good)
  • Mirror's Edge (Good)
  • AaaaAAAAA!!!!! (Good)
  • Skyrim (Good)
  • Portal (Poor)
  • Portal 2 (Poor)
  • DiRT 2 (Poor)
  • UT3 (Poor)

This is for the Current 1.1.0 version of Perception, new updates may give different results.

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